Thyroid Disorders

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As leaders in endocrine care, our team delivers a precise diagnosis, effective treatments and compassionate support. Call 310-825-0867 to connect with an expert.

At UCLA, we are dedicated to evaluating and treating thyroid disorders from birth to adulthood. If your child has been diagnosed with a thyroid nodule(s), we are the thyroid program of choice on the West Coast. We offer comprehensive care and follow up of childhood thyroid cancer, including inpatient nuclear medicine treatment for thyroid cancer in select cases. Our physicians are working on genetically characterizing molecular alterations of thyroid cancer that could lead to individualized treatment. Long-term outcome and success are directly linked to assessment and management at a high volume thyroid center with expert specialists and surgeons. Our highly specialized surgical team deals specifically with endocrine organs and offers a wealth of experience that only UCLA can offer.

Our multiple board-certified endocrinologists, experienced endocrine surgeons, and nuclear medicine, radiology, and pathology specialists are ready to work closely together for your needs. Our pediatric endocrinology division is at the forefront of endocrine technology, utilizing state-of-the-art ultrasounds for the evaluation and biopsy of thyroid nodules. Through years of experience, we have developed the techniques and skills necessary for ultrasound-guided fine needle biopsies of thyroid nodules in children. Our division has performed over 250 biopsies of thyroid nodules. In addition, we uniquely offer needle-less induction of anesthesia, to reduce fear and pain in our patients. We are one of the very few medical centers in the United States to offer this level of expertise for pediatric patients with thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer.

We understand how the thyroid works because of the many contributions to medical science by our experts at UCLA. Let us help you by using our skills and knowledge to optimally care for your child.

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