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Recent Webinars

Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy in Children with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

  • UCLA pediatric neurosurgeon Aria Fallah, MD, reviews the clinical manifestations of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, a rare genetic condition, with a special emphasis on the management of epilepsy in affected children.

Chiari Malformations in Children

  • UCLA neurosurgeon Anthony Wang, MD, talks about Chiari malformations, diagnosis and treatment options for pediatric patients.

Treatment Options for Moyamoya

  • UCLA neurosurgeon Anthony Wang, MD, reviews moyamoya disease and moyamoya syndrome, discusses what we know about them and compares treatment options.

Hemispherectomy: When Half the Brain is Better than the Whole

  • UCLA neurosurgeon Aria Fallah, MD, discusses the latest advancements associated with hemispherectomies, what the operation entails, post-operative recovery and long-term outcomes associated with this procedure.

Craniosynostosis: Treatment Options & Future Development in Children

  • UCLA plastic surgeon Justine Lee, MD, discusses craniosynostosis, treatment strategies and future development in children with craniosynostosis.

TEDxConejo - Dr. Gary Mathern - What Can You Do With Half A Brain?

  • Gary W. Mathern, MD, is a professor of pediatric neurosurgery at the Mattel Children's Hospital and David Geffen School of Medicine at The University of California, Los Angeles medical center. His clinical practice is in the surgical treatment of children with uncontrolled seizure, and his research interests involve laboratory studies trying to understand the basic mechanisms of seizure generation in the patients he operates on as a way to develop new and better treatments.

Adolescent Scoliosis

  • UCLA pediatric neurosurgeon Luke Macyszyn, MD, reviews the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric scoliosis and highlights modern, less invasive treatment strategies.

A Modern and Comprehensive Approach to Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery

  • UCLA neurosurgeon Aria Fallah, MD, discusses the team approach to evaluating pediatric epilepsy. He describes the traditional and new surgical options, as well as what the future may bring in pediatric epilepsy surgery.

All About Infantile Spasms

  • UCLA neurologist Shaun Hussain, MD, discusses the common causes of infantile spasm and how it is diagnosed and treated. Dr. Hussain also shares the latest clinical and research development related to this neurological condition.

Management of Pediatric Hydrocephalus

  • UCLA neurosurgeon Aria Fallah, MD, talks about hydrocephalus in children – the buildup of too much cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, which can effect physical and mental development. He also reviews underlying causes, signs and symptoms, treatments and the importance of joint decision making with the neurosurgeon.

Sport Concussions in Youth: Community Guide for Education, Treatment and Research

  • UCLA pediatric neurologist Christopher Giza, MD, discusses the comprehensive UCLA Steve Tisch BrainSPORT approach to sport-related concussions among youth athletes, including injury prevention, clinical management and education. He will also identify what proactive steps and comprehensive tools local schools, community youth organizations and healthcare providers can take to help ensure the highest level of care and safety for the children they serve.


It’s Not Child’s Play: An Evidence-Based Approach to Youth Sports Concussions

  • UCLA pediatric neurologist Christopher Giza, MD, discusses an evidence-based approach to concussions in young people that will include understanding risk, conducting an initial assessment and ongoing clinical management. Participants will learn how to evaluate and care for youth athletes with concussions.

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