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We provide targeted care for pediatric, adult and geriatric patients. Call 800-825-9989 or 310-825-9989 to learn more about our psychiatry services. 


Individual Treatments

JASPER (Self-Pay)

Developed at UCLA, the Joint Attention, Symbolic Play, Engagement and Regulations (JASPER) Program is a fully developed and tested therapeutic intervention for children with ASD. JASPER targets early attention, emotion and behavior regulations, social communication and language skills of young children with ASD through the naturalistic behavioral interactions with therapists and caretakers. Over the past 15 years, JASPER has been rigorously studied, working with over 500 children with ASD and their families. JASPER was 1 of 2 social communication interventions recommended by the UK NICE as evidence-based (2013). The CAN Clinic offers initial assessment and 8 individualized treatment sessions of JASPER. The program focuses its efforts on young children (ages 18 months to 6 years) with an emphasis on parent training, as well as older children (5-8 years old) who remain minimally verbal and would benefit from the intervention in combination with a speech-generating device (e.g. iPad). To learn more about JASPER, please visit:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (Insurance Accepted)

Using evidence-based interventions, youth from preschool ages to young adults with a social development concern associated with autism spectrum disorder, genetic conditions, or developmental delay are provided with time-limited (between 16 to 24 sessions) and focused treatment provided once weekly on an outpatient basis to target areas such as co-occurring anxiety, depression, social skills, behavioral flexibility, and other concerning behaviors. A family-based model of treatment is emphasized along with behavioral and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

Group Treatments (Insurance Accepted)

Teen Coping Skills Program: Group-Based Treatment for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

This group is targeted for teenagers with ASD from ages 12 to 17 (Middle School to High School) who have fluent verbal abilities and can participate in a small group discussion.

This group treatment teaches teenagers how to manage stress and anxiety, as well as difficult feelings, including feeling sad and overly critical of themselves by learning healthy coping strategies. Treatment will be based on cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), an evidence-based intervention to treat anxiety and depression. Anxiety related to being in social situations, excessive worries, being apart from parents, and needing to complete certain habits will be targeted, as well moderate feelings of depression, such as feeling sad, overly tired, having a loss of interest in activities that used to be enjoyable, and feeling guilty.

Enhancing Independence Program: Skills Group for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Enhancing Independence Program for Young Adults with ASD is a 16-week long program to promote the independent living skills of young adults with ASD between the ages of 18 to 25 years old who are either in college or have graduated high school. The course will be provided in a small group format that will be led by a group leader with expertise in young adults with ASD. Each week, young adults will be presented with topics related to areas of independent living that are commonly encountered with challenges among this age group.

NEW Parent Group at CAN Forming: Education and Support Group for Parents of Children Recently Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The CAN clinic has added a six-week education series for parents of children recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Facilitated by our licensed clinical social worker, this group is designed to both inform and support parents in learning about:

  • Characteristics of ASD
  • Strategies for enhancing social communication skills and managing challenging behaviors
  • Different evidence based interventions available to them
  • Navigating community resources