UCLA Parenting Program for Children and Adolescents

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Program Overview

The UCLA Parenting Program is an evidence-based, behavioral, parent training program that teaches parents skills to effectively manage difficult child and adolescent behavior. Our goal is to increase cooperation and improve communication between parent and child. In this small group format, parents will learn how to do the following:

Child Group (2-12 years)

  • promote peaceful family interactions
  • reduce yelling and arguing
  • address the challenges of remote learning during Covid-19
  • manage screen time effectively
  • handle homework struggles
  • set firm, fair limits on unsafe or oppositional behavior
  • create calmer and smoother morning and bedtime routines

Adolescent Group (12.5-15.5 years)

  • improve communication with their teens
  • reduce conflict while building mutual respect
  • better manage difficult behaviors
  • create reasonable expectations for their teens
  • establish rules their teens are likely to follow
  • set effective consequences to keep teens safe

Services Currently offered:

  • Group Program on Zoom:

1. Parents/caregivers of children 2 to 12 years old

             When: Wednesdays, 12pm-1:30pm

                                    Thursdays, 7pm-8:30pm

                         Duration: Once a week for 11 week.

2. Parents/caregivers of adolescents ages 12+ to 15+ years old

             When: Thursdays, morning or early evening

             Duration: Once a week for 10 weeks

  • Individual Treatment and School-Based Consultation Available

*Programs are for parents only. Children do not attend.

Who We See

At the UCLA Parent Training Program, we strive to support parents with children and teens who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, or other diagnosis. Your child need not have a diagnosis for parents to participate.

We serve parents of children ages 2-12 in our Parent Training groups and parents of teenagers ages 12+ to 15in our PEACE (Parents of Early Adolescents Conflict Education) groups.

Cost and Insurance

We accept many types of insurance. Our programs are billed as outpatient group therapy sessions. Please call or email us for more information about insurance coverage and fees. 


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