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Our specialists treat varicose veins using techniques that offer better results with smaller entry points. Call 310-481-7545 to learn more about Vein and Vascular Center.

Our skilled team is trained in non-invasive vascular imaging, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, conventional sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, endovenous thermal ablation (EVTA) and mechanochemical ablation (MOCA). These minimally invasive techniques allow us to close or remove these veins with smaller entry points and offer best cosmetic results.


Cheryl H. Hoffman, MD

Cheryl H. Hoffman, MD

Professor of Radiology
Director of UCLA Health System - Manhattan Beach

Interventional Radiologists

Ravi N. Srinivasa, MD

Ravi N. Srinivasa, MD

Associate Professor of Radiology

Nurse Practioners

  • Eula Mei Kuba, NP