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Our sleep medicine physicians are recognized experts in sleep disorders treatment. To find the right doctor for you, connect with a customer care specialist at 310-825-2631
Monday – Friday, 7 am to 7 pm

  • Excellence in Patient Care
  • Ensure that all patient encounters, in clinic and laboratory, address the concerns of patients and referring physicians in an effective, respectful, and satisfying manner
  • Provide clinical and technical expertise of highest quality
  • Ensure that the Sleep Disorders Center is well prepared to diagnose, assess, and treat the full spectrum of sleep, wakefulness, and circadian rhythm disorders
  • Provide timely access to clinical and laboratory evaluations
  • Communicate clinic and laboratory findings in a clear and prompt manner to referring clinicians and patients
  • Provide clear plans for follow-up after every clinic or laboratory encounter
  • Promote efficiency - in use of professional and material resources, documentation, and billing - that allows the Sleep Disorders Center to remain fiscally viable


  • Perform clinical research that offers the highest potential to improve the lives of volunteering participants and sleep disorder patients more broadly
  • Maintain adherence with all appropriate ethical considerations, privacy protections, documentation requirements, informed consent processes, relevant codes, and institutional review board guidelines that pertain to clinical research
  • Facilitate human and basic science research most likely to benefit patients with sleep disorders


Provide the best possible opportunities to learn about sleep and its disorders for physicians, sleep medicine fellows, other fellows, residents, medical students, graduate students, undergraduate students, and other trainees.


Create a satisfying, productive, scholarly environment for trainees, technicians, administrators, researchers, and clinicians whose work involves the UCLA Health System.