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Restless Leg Syndrome Keeping Millions Up At Night

Dr. Alon Avidan, CBS Los Angeles, May 2012

illions of Americans are being kept up at night by a painful syndrome that's often misdiagnosed. Restless Leg Syndrome affects up to an estimated 20 percent of the population nationwide. It's a condition that can be excruciating - something 74-year-old Eugene Jones knows too well. Jones has suffered from the condition for approximately 10 years, and has since sought help from UCLA's new Sleep Disorder Center in Westwood. "This is not uncommon to see in patients with pretty severe restless legs," said Dr. Alon Avidan, the director of the Sleep Disorder Center, as he demonstrated by hitting his legs.  Read full story

Zeo Sleep Manager, SleepTracker try to wake you when it's best

Los Angeles Times, May 2012

Zeo Sleep Manager uses a headband that tracks brain waves. SleepTracker uses a watch to detect movement. Some sleep scientists question their accuracy. Read full story

Sleep Disorders Update

Dr. Ravi Aysola | Feb 15, 2012

What is Sleepwalking?


Dr. Alon Avidan explains what happens when you sleepwalk. Watch video

Daylight Saving: How Time Change Affects Our Health

Huffington Post, Jan 2012

Story about how time changes affect sleep patterns and health. Read full story

8 Home Remedies for Restless Legs Syndrome

EverydayHealth, Dec 2011

In addition to medication, lifestyle changes and drug-free treatments can provide restless legs relief. Read about home remedies that may surprise (and help) you. Read more

Sleepy Wife May Take It Out On Hubby

NBC's, June 2011

Why women may suffer more often from insomnia than men. Read full story

7 Sleep Disorders: What’s Keeping You Awake?

Reader's Digest, May 2011

Learn about the most common sleep barriers and discover strategies for getting the good night's sleep you deserve. Read full story

Naps Can Fix for Sleepy Controllers Problem

KABC-7, April 2011

KABC-Channel 7 story about the importance of sleep and health benefits of short naps. Watch video

Snoring Surgery Is One Couple's Dream Come True

ABC News, Feb 2011

ABC News Good Morning America segment about a device used to control snoring. Tanya Rivero reveals a new technique that could solve a common marital problem. Watch video

New non-alcoholic downers to get you off the caffeine buzz

Marketplace, July 2010

National Public Radio's "Marketplace" show about over the counter, non-alcoholic beverages that are supposed to help you relax and unwind. Watch video

Exploring 10 Popular Sleep Myths

ABC News, May 2010

Every day almost every person on earth sleeps, yet many questions remain about this state of suspended consciousness and what it actually accomplishes. Read full story

Reading on iPad Before Bed Can Affect Sleep Habits

LA Times, April 2010

Sleep experts say using the iPad before bed can affect sleeping habits unlike most other e-readers. Read full story

BLOG: A Daughter and her Family's Attempt to Bring Light to REM Sleep Behavior Disorders (RBD)

Food Aggravating RBD?, Blog 2008

My dad was advised by Dr. Avidan to give up all caffeine, which has done, included his beloved Mocha Chip Ice Cream. Read more