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Alcohol Use Disorder and Transplant: Patient and Caregiver Testimonials

The road to recovery can be challenging, even after liver transplant.  This video features two patients and their caregivers navigating their experience with sobriety before and after liver transplantation.

Life After Transplant

While liver transplant represents a new opportunity at life, return to drinking is not uncommon. It is critical for patients with AUD to continue receiving treatment even after they receive a new liver. At UCLA, we have multiple services devoted to treating and supporting patients with AUD including follow-up with Addiction Medicine at the UCLA Health Family Health Center.

Dr. Julio Meza
Dr. Amy Richards

Addiction Medicine
UCLA Family Health Center
1920 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Our liver transplant social workers currently facilitate a bi-weekly virtual Liver and Small Bowel Support Group. This is an open group with a targeted audience of pre- and post-transplant patients and their caregivers. General information regarding this group is included below:

Liver Transplant Support Group - UCLA