Treatment Options

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What are My Treatment Options

The good news is that treatments for alcohol use disorder are very effective.

Treatment include:

  • Pharmacotherapy or Prescription Medications. Medications like acamprosate and naltrexone have been shown to reduce cravings and chances of returning to drinking. Talk to your doctor about these medications and how they can benefit you
  • Recovery Groups and Meetings. This is often the most well-known form of therapy people think of when they think of treatment for any alcohol use disorder. This therapy includes Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Smart Recovery, and Refuge Recovery.
    For transplant evaluated patients, engagement in recovery groups, meetings, and treatment is strongly encouraged.
  • Talk Therapy. A licensed therapist can help people build coping strategies and skills to stop or reduce drinking. Treatment can include one-on-one, family, or group sessions.

Part of the journey of overcoming alcohol use disorder is finding the combination of treatments that work best for you.