Calming and Assuring Experience

UCLA Health article

Once I found about the mass that I had I came to Dr. Livitz. The experience was very calming and self-assuring. She answered all my questions and told me about the surgical procedure that was recommended and I was put at ease immediately. I felt really good going into the surgery. Once the surgery was done, the recovery was just as I had anticipated it to be. She was able to do a different type of surgery called laparoscopic surgery, which only included 3 small cuts instead of a large incision. The pain was minimal and it was not very bad. Of course there was some pain after surgery but after 3 days it was under control. I healed up just fine and everything went great. I just want to reassure others that Dr.Livitz is a wonderful surgeon and knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to these different procedures on rare cases.