Cancer Free


In July 2017, I had a sore throat as did my daughter. I took her to Urgent Care where they swabbed our throats to look for strep throat. The swabs were negative but the PA noticed an enlarged thyroid. She suggested that the next time I saw a doctor I have it checked out. It so happened that I had a visit scheduled the following week with a new primary care physician. She did an ultrasound and based on that a biopsy was done. The results were questionable so more analysis was done. It was horrible waiting for the further results. Eventually I was told it was positive for thyroid cancer. Looking back that PA saved my life! I was referred to Dr. Yeh. I was very anxious because of the cancer diagnosis. Especially since I have two young children. But Dr. Yeh said "Don't worry - we got you!" The surgery went fine but I had a hard time getting my voice back. I had been told it was a possible side effect but my voice has always been important to me. I love to sing and I am a teacher who needs her classroom and playground voice. It was an emotional time. I was referred to a speech therapist but was told after 4-5 sessions that more therapy would not be beneficial. It was just a very slow recovery but I am fine now. I just had my one year visit and all is fine. I am cancer free and I have almost no scar at all!