Complete Thyroidectomy

UCLA Health article

During a routine check with my endocrinologist she found a nodule in my neck on my thyroid. I agreed to a biopsy and to participate in a DNA study which would show much more accurate results than the biopsy. I am so thankful I decided to participate in the biopsy study as it found the tumor markers at a very early, early stage. I had to wait a couple of months for the results from the DNA test, but once I got the results from my endocrinologist, I was told I had thyroid cancer. Thanks to the DNA test, we caught it very early and I do not have to take the radioactive iodine treatment. Everything happened really quickly. When I first got the news I was in shock. Then my endocrinologist recommended I see Dr. Livhits. I met with Dr. Livhits on a Wednesday and I was in surgery on Friday. I have two young children and a husband. It was fast but smooth and uneventful. I went home 6 hours after my surgery and now 10 days later I'm feeling almost back to normal. Even though I had to pay for the extra DNA testing myself, it was so worth it as that's what found the cancer at such and early stage. I would recommend the additional testing to whomever it is offered.