Dr. Livhits and the team works as one!

UCLA Health article

My primary physician is with UCLA and the diagnosis came about because my blood pressure was uncontrollably high. My GP ordered a blood test that showed low potassium levels which was a red flag for high aldersterone. This red flag caused further investigation on the adrenal gland where the aldosterone comes from. The scan showed elevated aldosterone levels that physically showed the tumor on the left side and then the final step was a venous sampling which positively identified the adrenal tumor was indeed on the left and it needed to be removed. This is where Dr. Livhits came in, we had several consultations to go over the prognosis, recovery, and everything . Dr. Livhits approach to the consultation and ability to explain the confusing things in lament terms. Because I am a litlle more techincally minded than others she was able to accommodate me. I read her reviews online and she was a key pioneer in the endocrine surgery program. Post surgery we now have had two consultations and the surgery was a success and the issue that caused the high aldoserone and low potassium have both been corrected so it was a good outcome. I was treated extremely well both at her office and Ronald Reagan Hospital. Coming from the UK, The hospital, the atmosphere, and the reception was so nice and you kind of feel like your at a hotel.

I think the biggest thing I was worried about was the state of my health in recovery and fear of life with one adrenal gland. You think well a piece of me is being removed that is functioning, how will you feel after. I would tell myself pre-surgery that I you can function with only one adrenal gland. The life with one adrenal gland is absolutely normal and it is the dysfunctioning one that is making your life worse.

The UCLA team is definitely a team, and everyone works well together and comminutes well together. The doctors have access to the same information which puts the patient at ease so that no information is dropped between doctor visits. The system works! If it wasn't for UCLA wouldn't be as effective. Being within the system is fantastic