Fatigue is Gone!

I had extreme fatigue. I am usually energetic but I found I needed naps. I am a nurse who was working 12 hour shifts but had to reduce it to 8 hours. My calcium level was high and so was my parathyroid level. I had osteoporosis. My endocrinologist said I needed a parathyroidectomy and that I should come to UCLA. I met Dr. Livhits who was great and I felt very comfortable with her. I had made an appointment for a second opinion closer to home but after one meeting with Dr. Livhits, I cancelled the second opinion. The surgery was June 2018. I could have gone home the same day but I have a clotting issue so I stayed the night. The care was phenomenal. The care partners and the nurses were wonderful.When I had problems sleeping, the night nurse offered herbal tea and aromatherapy. I then slept really well. Today was my first followup. All my levels were good and I have so much more energy!