From Anxiety to Semi-Serenity

UCLA Health article

I was not able to have surgery locally in the Inland Empire. The only surgeon my doctor recommended there practiced at a hospital that did not accept my insurance. So my doctor told me to come to UCLA. I was reluctant to come so far and to leave my home and animals. But I found a hotel very close by (Tiverton House) that is very nice and not too expensive. I could either take their shuttle or walk. At UCLA I had great care. The facilities are wonderful and I had great care before, during and after.All my fears were for nothing. Everyone took pride in the work, was sincerely helpful no matter what their job was.Dr. Livhits just followed up with me two weeks after the surgery. She is helping me reduce the scar and has said I can have my radioactive iodine close to home. She says I will be fine. I was amazed that a place this big could remember all your details and that Dr. Livhits could be so sweet and kind. It took the edge off my anxieties.