Getting My Life Back

UCLA Health article

3 years ago I began to feel very tired and I had pain on the side of my kidney. I grew up in a family of doctors so when I feel something, I go to the doctor. I found I had calcium in my kidneys. But around that time, my daughter was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease. I cut my work hours back to 2 days a week and took care of her and my grandkids. I thought I felt tired because I was doing so much. One day I felt something in my brain and had to go to the ER. My blood pressure was very high. I felt a sensation in my heart. I learned I had osteoporosis. I went to see Dr. Marcela Arguello who referred me to Dr. Livhits. I was so happy to meet Dr. Livhits. She arranged for a biopsy and scheduled surgery. I am so happy and thankful - I go my life back. My energy is back and the sensations in my brain and heart are gone. I had been afraid to go to sleep - afraid I would die. I am no longer worried. I am so thankful and happy.