I Got My Energy Back

UCLA Health article

A couple of years ago, I got tired very easily and had low energy. At first I thought it might be getting older or stress at work but eventually I went to the doctor. I was told after test that my potassium was low. This was in 2016. At the end of that year, I switched jobs and moved from Arcadia to Long Beach. My insurance changed because of the new job so with all that I didn't have further test until July 2017. I was then referred to Dr. Livhits. Dr. Livhits and the whole office were very professional and very nice.I had surgery on August 2, 2018 to remove the left side of my adrenal gland. Today was my first followup visit. The doctor told me the area all looks good. I used to have high blood pressure but now it is normal and I no longer have to take medicine. I feel very good. Before I was worried and stressed and tired. Now all feels good. I would urge anyone to not ignore their symptoms and to get tested.