Is "follow up" an urban legend?

UCLA Health article

While I have never come across a Doctor at UCLA that I didn't like or respect, Dr. Surampudi stands out. I've dreamed of something like this, but never saw it happen in the wild. I woke up with a bad cold and had to cancel my appointment with her. I rescheduled, thankful to find a slot barely two weeks later. A day or two later I got a message from UCLA. Well, not just UCLA, a personal message from Dr. Surampudi. She noticed that I missed my appointment (to discuss a new medicine), and messaged me to follow up. Noticing who's scheduled to come in, and didn't, a simple gesture of connection, tells me that she thinks my health is important. When I went in for my appointment I made it a point to tell her how appreciative I was for her time and care. Follow up, not just an urban legend. Thanks again Dr. Surampudi!