Lump on the neck


It was on the second week of June 2018 when I noticed a lump on the left side of my face between my ear and jaw as I was brushing my hair into a pony tail in front of the mirror. I immediately inform my parents about it.

My Mom, a breast cancer survivor after being treated at UCLA herself, immediately looked for the best qualified surgeon in the UCLA Head and Neck department who was willing to take on my case. After getting all the lab results and MRI's from the hospital in Manila, these were immediately forwarded and reviewed by Dr. Maie St John, my primary surgeon. She is the Chair and Professor of the Department of Head and Neck surgery. Her team of surgeons included Dr. Akira Ishiyama, a UCLA Professor of Otology and Neurotology, Dr. Vishad Nabili , an Associate Professor and Program Director of the UCLA Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Dr. A. Shawn Veiseh, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine of the UCLA School of Medicine. Without loosing any time Dr. St John responded to my concern and set up an appointment to see her at her clinic the following week. With the best team of surgeons looking into my case ( the Ear surgeon, the cosmetic surgeon , and the anesthesiologist) I had a successful surgery for the removal of the tumor on my parotid gland which was 4 cm in length. Ten days after my surgery my stitches came off. It felt wonderful to be whole againl.

I am so grateful and thankful to Dr. St John, Dr. Ishiyama, Dr. Nabili and Dr. Veiseh who have all used their God given talent of healing. They wasted no time for my surgery and treatment. On my way to surgery, my Mom had always assured me that God has led her to contact the best doctors in their field of expertise to treat my case and I should not worry one bit. After the surgery I was seen by my doctors to see how my recovery was going. Their encouragement, care and attention to my case has helped me not to worry about my condition. They have done a terrific job of bringing me back to health. I am so thankful to God for my doctors and to their staff of nurses and administration personnel who have been working along side my doctors at the background coordinating everything in order to have a smooth and worry free experience on a life altering event in my life. I wish for more blessings to Dr. Maie St John, Dr. Ishiyama, Dr. Nabili , Dr. Veiseh, the UCLA residents, nurses and administration staff for all their hard work. I had the best team ever!

Today, I am looking forward to doing what I love to do best - Ballet and volleyball!