UCLA Health article

I came to Los Angeles to visit my son and his wife for two weeks on March 9th. I was ill with breast cancer, but had no idea how sick I was. As I became more ill, I was taken to the ER at UCLA Reagan Medical Center. There I was diagnosed again with metastatic breast cancer that had moved to my bones and a calcium overload. I was treated by a wonderful oncologist, Aashini Masters and her friendly and educated team. I was hospitalized for three days and after having my stomach pumped and other procedures that I don't quite understand, I was allowed to go home with my son, but I had to have meals prepared for me because I had lost about 30 pounds during the time I was sick, and my memory slipped to the point that I was not coherent. Well after medical testing and paracentesis of the stomach, I'm doing well and have been released to return home in Alabama 8/7/18 to see my oncologist in Mississippi. I will be forever grateful to my team of doctors and nurses that made me feel better fast.