My Success Story with Surgeon Dr. Livhits

UCLA Health article

I had a pheochromocytoma tumor removed from my adrenal gland. The doctors and staff were very knowledgeable and skilled in their particular field and asked me a lot of questions about my particular situation. They also followed up and prepared me really well for the surgery, including the anesthesiologists and other staff members who were involved in my surgery. The surgery itself went very well, and recovery went as expected. I had no problems with the surgery. There is pain at the excision area, but it has gradually decreased after 2 weeks and I know the pain will be gone soon. Ever since the surgery, I have been checking my blood pressure and glucose levels because my blood pressure was high before surgery. The hospital stay was very good and everyone took care me of very well. This particular team and hospital in general were very knowledgeable and highly skilled. All the doctors and other staff members knew what they were doing and were very emotionally supportive so I wasn’t too anxious or stressed going into my surgery. The surgery went well overall and I don’t think there were any issues. For me personally, I am highly thankful for this particular surgeon team. I hope that my particular case will be a good example for future patients.