My wonderful thyroid experience

UCLA Health article

I had known Dr. Yeh as he did parathyroid surgery on my granddaughter when she was 5 months pregnant. I believe he saved both lives. My endocrinologist in Bakersfield did an ultrasound that found a tumor of 4.3 cm (it went up to 6 cm.) He suggested I come to UCLA for surgery. He mentioned Dr. Yeh and I said yeah! Dr. Yeh said the tumor was benign and left it up to me whether or not I have surgery. My doctors in Bakersfield felt I should have it. Due to other health problems I was completely checked out first. Due to problems swallowing, difficulty sleeping, drooling and voice problems I decided to have the surgery. I went to UCLA Santa Monica and got nothing but TLC. I hated to go home. No one had an unkind word - they spoiled me rotten in the 24 hours I was there. Never have I been treated so well. Dr. Yeh's staff was wonderful, so were the pre-op and surgery teams. When I woke up post surgery I felt like a new person. I had though I had fibromyalgia as I had been in so much pain but I felt great after the surgery. Bandages came off today - I had no pain and the scar looks great. UCLA Santa Monica is my new hospital of choice even though I live 120 miles away! (The food was good too.)