UCLA Health article

A physician in Santa Barbara said was almost at the point of needing dialysis. As I very small and frail and in poor health, he said dialysis would be very hard on me and gave me a prognosis of less than 2 years. He said the surgery might be my only chance to walk again, to have a meaningful life and to possibly travel. But all surgeries have risks. The family met to consider the surgery. I said if this was my only chance, let's give it a shot. I am very happy to have met Dr. Livhits. She explained it all at length. It turned out exactly as she had described it. Post surgery there was some minor pain but it has disappeared. Day by day my strength is increasing. I had been swaying and needed help standing so I would not fall over. But my legs and arms are getting. stronger. I am working to get in better shape to make the most of it - doing exercises and watching my diet. I am ecstatic I met Dr. Livhits and the care was wonderful.