Pay Attention to Your Body

UCLA Health article

When I was 24, I was temping at the office of an endocrinologist. I was talking to him about a patient and leaning over when he asked me if I had ever had my thyroid checked as he noticed something when looking at me. It turned out my thyroid was 6 times high. I went on medication. But later I was unemployed and couldn't see the same doctor.I went to clinics but they dismissed my concerns.It's important to pay attention to your body as it is trying to tell you things. I got a good job and came back to UCLA. Despite medication I was having night sweats at a young age and lots of anxiety. I was sweating so much I was afraid to be around people. I was referred to Dr. Livhits. She told me all my options but I decided I wanted surgery to resolve it. She is super friendly and explained things well. She has clarified how I should take my medications and my anxiety is gone. Again, it is important to listen to your body and take action.