Run don't walk to Dr. Livhits

UCLA Health article

When entering the universe of cancer its terrifiying. For me it was critically important to find a surgeon to take the time to answer all my questions that validated my concerns and fears so I did receive a lot of personalized attention from Dr. Livhits which I feel like I needed so that I could deal with the everyday fears of cancer. If I had to do cancer again she would be my number 1 choice. Her bedside manner was incredible I think she is the best doctor I have ever had, I could easily say that. I had papillary thyroid cancer and the surgery was relatively simple and the recovery was not as bad as I thought. It was just a sore throat could not talk for a few days. Everything from the surgery to recovery to post op the experience here at UCLA was fantastic with individualized personalized care. Really attentive staff. Many times at teaching hospitals you get visited by students from medical students, residents but Dr. LIvhits handled it all her self.