So thankful it's over!

UCLA Health article

For 35 years I knew I had to have my thyroid goiter removed, but the thought of someone slitting my throat and possible losing my voice, was not an option (I had small children at home). But when the goiter started pushing inward onto my esophagus and windpipe, I realized I had to do it. About 5 weeks ago I had the surgery with the "dream team" of Dr Yeh and Dr Livhits. I was expecting the worst. The experience couldn't have gone any better. I was two nights at UCLA Hospital and was cared for as if I was a Princess. Every single one of the staff was absolutely the best - knowledgeable, kind, patient, helpful, and quick to respond. The food made me think I was at a 5 star hotel with room service. (And I have unfortunately been in too many hospitals as a comparison.) I was up and around by the time they gave me a room. Exceptional knowledge and care. If you need surgery, this is THE place to have it.

Now I am a USC alum so this could have been a hard review to cough up, but I have now shared my allegiance with UCLA. Fight on!