Surgery Recovery With Less Drugs


Hello.This is in regards to how much better I felt in the days following my recent surgery with Dr. Festekjian and his crew on at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center. I felt so different that I felt the need to share it. I have had 5 major surgeries since July under general anesthesia and a few more previously since 1996 for AVM correction and a few shunt complications in 2013. I’ve always felt extremely uncomfortable and groggy for a few days after the surgeries but not this time at all. So when Dr. Kamdar my Anesthesiologist called me the day after my surgery to see how I was feeling I expressed that to him and asked him why he thought the causes were. He explained to me that he has noticed that there is need for less anesthesia drug during surgery when administrating it to his Asian and Iranian, that’s my background, as well as his Middle Eastern patients. I remember at the pre op, he asked me how I tolerated alcohol and I expressed very low and also the same with prescription pain medications. So Dr. Kamdar thoroughly explained his observations, that he adjusted the drug performed on me based on his assessment. I honestly wish more surgeons and Anesthesiologist would consider adjusting our drugs based on our size and now backgrounds cause I am certain we would get healthier faster and with more energy.

I just wanted to share that and also as a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer with multiple complications dealing with many different doctors, it is so refreshing for me personally when I think my doctor and especially surgeons hear me and go over the procedures with me. Dr. Kamdar was so humane yet professional in explaining everything and even making some light joke and for the first time I did not cry on the ride from the pre-op area to the operating room.

I owe my team of caregivers at UCLA a huge thank you but Dr. Kamdar went above and beyond with taking his time to make me feel at ease and explaining everything thoughtfully. He is a real gem of a doctor and I know cause I’m a gemologist. In the end all we want is to be seen and it’s refreshing to see it in the operating room.

I am recovering very well and hoping this was my last surgery for a very very long time. I look forward to getting back to my career and enjoying my 2 year old granddaughter and my grandson, on the way next February. Thank you for reading my story and I wish everyone good health and peace of mind.