There's an Angel at UCLA

UCLA Health article

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July 2018. I will never forget the first phone call I received and the feeling of my heart sinking to the ground as the news was given. We had to act fast, it was go time... ready or not. I know god was looking out for me because he sent angel my way. This angels name was Dr. Josh Cohen. From day one, Dr.Cohen made sure my family members and I were well informed, taken care of medically and supported emotionally. There were good days and bad days but never a day where I questioned the care I was receiving from him and his team. The day I found out I needed chemo was one of those bad days. I had already been through two procedures and to now hear that I would also be losing my hair was too much to handle. Dr. Cohen stayed on the phone with me as I cried and told me we would get through this together, and we did! Dr.Cohen is a prime example of an exceptional physician. He goes above and beyond for his patients and I cannot thank him enough. Thank you, Dr.Cohen for all that you did for me and all you do for others in similar situations. UCLA is very blessed to have you on their team. Now I am 4 months cancer free!