Unexpected But Satisfied Experience

UCLA Health article

My doctor told me I needed extra medications for my diabetes so I went to see an endocrinologist, Dr. Martinez, who felt a nodule on my throat. When the ultrasound came back inconclusive, I was then referred to Dr. Yeh for surgery for the removal of the right side of my thyroid. Although I had the typical pains from surgery and the typical observation overnight, I had no major issues or pain. I only had some minor pain with swallowing and phlegm during the healing process. I would like to note that I was a little confused because I was told that if cancer came up, I would be advised for radiation within 5 days. However, I didn't receive a call in 5 days and therefore assumed the nodule was not cancerous but upon my post-op appointment, I learned that it was. Dr. Yeh had removed the entire cancerous tumor so no radiation was needed, but I wish I had known sooner about my status. Another thing I would like to note is that if you have a spouse or family member accompanying you, they will be staying at the UCLA Tiverton House, which is very close by to the Ronald Reagan hospital. Overall, Dr. Yeh was very professional and very sweet. I have already recommended Dr. Yeh to people I know with thyroid issues and would definitely recommend him to others for his excellent work.