Walking into the Unknown

UCLA Health article

This was my first big medical experience - I had no idea going into the process what it was going to be like. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and I was in a catch 22 - I realized I had cancer, but was told that it was the best type of cancer you could get, as it's less aggressive. It's not the worst news one can receive, but it's still very hard to take in. It came on so suddenly and I remember thinking "what is going on." Thankfully, Dr. Lihvits was so great and caring - she took the time to explain everything. She treats you like a person rather than solely a patient.

The team guided me step by step throughout the entire process, and they showed a caring side which exceeded my expectations. I had no expectations going into the surgery, and had a bad sore throat for 2 days after but had no other side effects. Not knowing can be scary, but know that everything works out in the end.