Yay for Dr. Yeh and Team!

UCLA Health article

Around 7 years ago I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid - I experienced symptoms of fatigue, irritability, and heat sensitivity. My physician monitored the condition for a while and put me on Mezamazoline, a thyroid hormone therapy. Through an ultrasound, the doctors found that I had a goiter and they tried performing a biopsy. I couldn't handle the biopsy and they had to end it early. When I switched insurance companies, I visited Dr. George Yen and had to receive another biopsy - you can only imagine how scared I was to get another one. However, this experience was a lot more positive, because the radiologist walked me through it and that decreased my fear greatly. When I was calling for the biopsy appointment, I told the receptionist that I was afraid, and they really took that into account by ensuring I was in the best hands. The results of the biopsy came back benign, but because the goiter was so large (diameter of 11cm), I was given 2 options - removing the goiter or getting a treatment with radioactive iodine. I chose to get it removed because of a family history of thyroid issues. Hearing about Dr. Yeh's passion for working with patients is something that stands out to me. After meeting him for the first time, I was certain I was in good hands. He thoroughly explained the procedure and what to expect, and I was emailed the EMMI program to further my pre-surgery knowledge. Dr. Yeh's NP Jennifer was attentive and there for me every step of the way. Even though I felt a bit anxious going into the OR, they comforted me and explained what was going to happen. They were respectful of my concerns and how I was feeling and made sure I never felt alone throughout the entire experience. Even post surgery and now coming back for the return appointment, their support was unending and unconditional.

Some say that this procedure is like a roller coaster, but I would say it's like the fun kind like a bumper cart. You get bumped, but you bounce back and continue. This experience has been pleasant, and the care has exceeded my expectations. The team that Dr. Yeh has is exceptional: the receptionist, Dr. Yeh, Jennifer, the surgery team were all so kind. If anyone gets the opportunity to get treated by this team, do it. They only do what is necessary.