Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs)

PFAC group meeting

UCLA Health is committed to people-centered care.

Our partnership with patients and families ensures that the patient voice is embedded in every aspect of our delivery of care.

Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) bring together patients, family, staff and clinicians to enhance the experience for all people, evaluate strategies and improve quality and safety outcomes. UCLA Health PFAC members are a visible and valued part of our care team.

Santa Monica PFAC

Resnick NPH PFAC

Neurosurgery PFAC




Consejo de Padres en Pediatria


PFAC Accomplishments

  • Optimization of the myUCLAhealth Bedside
  • myUCLAhealth redesign & equity, diversity and inclusion questionnaire
  • Established resource section in myUCLAhealth patient portal
  • Participated in UCLA’s Digital Patient Experience retreat
  • Resnick Psychiatry App
  • Created Welcome videos for Resnick patients
  • Created HOPE (Helping Our Patients Everyday) brand identity
  • UCLA Psychiatry Website
  • Transplant Buddy System
  • Improved Emergency Department Experience
  • Online Guest Meal Tray Ordering System through iPad
  • Blankets & Stuffed Animal Holiday Donations
  • Call Bell Initiative 
  • Patient Wellness Bedside Guide
  • Worked with Rand Corporation
  • Patient Safety Initiatives
  • Developed Pediatric Passport
  • Simultaneous interpretation for bedside rounds
  • Incorporated Spanish speaking parent voice
  • Feedback regarding Pediatrics discharge information
  • Participated in discussions with UCLA Health physicians
  • Neurosurgery preoperative and discharge instructions
  • Peer Support Program
  • Neurosurgery App
  • Virtual Support Group
Bedside App