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Welcome to the UCLA Health CORE Kidney Program!

Anjay Rastogi MD, PhD
Anjay Rastogi MD, PhD

Our mission is to improve healthcare delivery by implementing our CORE values of Clinical excellence, Outreach, Research, and Education. Our focus is on integrative medicine, with emphasis on prevention and education, so patients can become their own best advocates.

We are implementing our CORE values through the following:

Clinical Excellence

Our goal is to provide comprehensive care to our patient population through clinical programs that focus on specific disease states. We have already started programs for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), Home Dialysis, Living Donor, Fabry’s Disease, Hypertension, Diabetic Kidney Disease, as well as clinics for UTI and Hypertension and they are very successful. The aim of these programs is for a multidisciplinary team to work together and to breakdown the silos in present day healthcare system through integrative care. We plan to start many more in the upcoming year.


We have been involved in creating and hosting the annual Kidney Fairs, quarterly UCLA Kidney Education Enhancement Programs (UKEEPs), and UCLA Kidney Events. The CORE Kidney Program collaborates with OneLegacy/Donate Life, the Annual PKD Walks in Los Angeles, and is also heavily involved in events that serve Hispanic and disadvantaged communities. At these events, community nephrologists and healthcare providers volunteer to provide education on kidney health for the general public, patients, their families and friends. These outreach events raise awareness about kidney disease in the general public in an effort to increase patient involvement and disease prevention. Our office has participated in many other events and plans to continue hosting events in the upcoming year.


We are advancing our current understanding of various disease states through research in both the basic, clinical and translational sciences. We have multiple ongoing trials that address dialysis, diabetes, anemia, Fabry Disease, PKD, and hypertension.

Contact our research team for more information about our clinical studies.

Email: [email protected]


Free monthly events such as UCLA Kidney Education Enhancement Programs (UKEEP) are hosted for patients and their family and friends to learn about kidney disease holistically. The goal of these education and outreach programs is to make patients and their loved ones a part of the decision making team.

As the founder and director of Bruin Beans Health Club (BBHC), my aim is to foster future leaders in healthcare. BBHC is an undergraduate-led club that works with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals while offering mentorship opportunities, volunteering, and workshops to undergraduates. The mission of BBHC is to bridge the gap of misinformation surrounding kidney health through effective communication with the general public and patients with kidney disease.

Our ultimate goal is to set up a Kidney Center at UCLA under my leadership and the CORE Kidney Team, where we can provide comprehensive care to our kidney patients and their entire families, starting from pre-diagnosis to transplant. The Kidney Center will embody all of the values that the CORE Kidney Program stands for and the mission of UCLA Health: healing humankind one patient at a time.

Please do visit our website to find more information regarding our program

Once again, we want to thank you on behalf of all our patients and their loved ones for thinking about us.

With sincere gratitude,

Anjay Rastogi MD, PhD

Professor and Clinical Chief
Director | CORE Kidney Program
Division of Nephrology | Department of Medicine
UCLA Health and David Geffen School of Medicine
Phone: (310) 794-5023
E-mail: [email protected]