ICU Team

The UCLA Critical Care Center is a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, scientists and other health care providers that span the spectrum of medical specialties whose mission it is to enhance the clinical excellence, research and education of treatments for the critically ill. We encompass the many diverse backgrounds of clinicians that come together to seek new knowledge and discovery of treatments for patients who have critical illnesses.


To create an integrated interdepartmental Critical Care Center at UCLA.


The Center will facilitate interdisciplinary excellence in patient care, medical education, and research in critical care medicine across the University of California, Los Angeles. This mission of excellence will enhance market share, reduce cost, improve safety and enhance the UCLA brand.


Under the leadership of the Assistant Dean for Critical Care Medicine (Research), the Center will facilitate cooperation of the Deans from David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM), the Schools of Nursing, Public Health, Bioengineering, and related schools, DGSOM Department Chairs, RRUCLA Hospital Leadership, and the Critical Care Unit Directors to enable gradual transformational changes which build a portfolio of clinical expertise, innovative research and graduate medical education in critical care.  

The Center’s strategy creates a campus-wide collaborative to achieve goals without being disruptive of traditional School and departmental relationships and finances. A roadmap to optimizing processes of care and quality in critical care has been recently published (Weled, Vespa et al 2015).

The UCLA Critical Care Center strategy furthers the efforts to improve critical care and enhances the bargaining power for critical care across the University.

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