Paul Vespa

We are excited about our UCLA Critical Care Center and the wonderful possibilities for our future. We have recently completed a 1-year strategic planning process to outline our strengths, challenges, and opportunities. We are now embarking on building our Center and beginning the rewarding work of initiating our concepts and plans.

UCLA is a unique place with an abundance of clinical expertise, scientific discovery, basic science resources, and the spirit of collaboration.

The overarching goal of our Center is to create the future of Critical Care Medicine. To do this, we plan on creating a welcoming platform for innovation at each of the clinical, scientific and education levels.

The opportunities to enhance patient safety, develop novel care models, improve long term outcomes, develop new diagnostics and treatments, and to disseminate this information among our trainees are truly boundless.

We appreciate and embrace the challenge that these opportunities bring and we welcome visitors seeking a common mission.

Assistant Dean of Critical Care Medicine (Research)

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