Critical Care Executive Council and Core Groups

Critical Care Executive Council

The Critical Care Executive Council is a cross-functional multi-disciplinary group of individuals – physicians, nurses, and management – throughout UCLA Health that ensure each of the core teams are pursuing the mission of the Critical Care Center.

Please visit the Critical Care Executive Council Directory for the members.



Translational Science

Co-Leaders: Anil Sapru, MD - Pediatric Critical Care Medicine and Stephen Smale, PhD - Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics

The Translational Science team is working to identify common clinical interests and research strengths across UCLA’s ICUs to identify a potential research paradigm.

There are several pilot projects that are being launched in 2017.

In the sepsis biomarkers study, we are seeking to determine the biology of sepsis induced organ dysfunction using a metabolomics and proteomics platform. More details about this project will be included under Research & Innovation.


Clinical Trials and Informatics

Co-Leaders: Ira Hofer, MD - Anesthesiology and Steven Y. Chang, MD, PhD - Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine

The Clinical Trials and Informatics team is developing a database that can be used as a platform for future critical care clinical trials.

The initial projects are related to Sepsis and Pulmonary Embolism Response Teams (PERT).  More details about the projects can be found under Research & Innovation.


Co-leaders: Neil Wenger, MD, MPH – Ethics and Thanh Neville, MD - Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine

The Ethics team aims to provide excellence in patient care by implementing best ethics practices among each of UCLA’s ICUs.

It also fosters collaborative research in ethics across the critical care environment at UCLA. This core works collaboratively with the UCLA ethics committee to implement new policies related to ethics at UCLA.

The ethics team includes physicians, nurses and other health professions.

Career Development

Co-Leaders: Anil Sapru, MD - Pediatric Critical Care Medicine and and Tisha Wang, MD - Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine

The Career Development team aims to prepare future generations of trainees, junior faculty and advanced nurses for careers in critical care. This is accomplished through the following:

  • Integrating learning opportunities between programs
  • Establishing and leveraging already available training opportunities in research and academics
  • Providing mentorship opportunities
  • Events to enhance career development

Operations & Health Care Delivery


Co-Leaders: Barbara Anderson, RN - Neuroscience/Trauma Critical Care and Myke Federman, MD - Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

The Operations & Health Care Delivery team works to optimize clinical operations within individual units and across critical care at UCLA through quality improvement, process standardization and ensuring appropriate staffing. This core works cooperatively with the hospital critical care committee to implement new policies pertaining to critical care.