Services We Provide

As a top-ranked, world-renowned academic medical center and home to the most advanced medical facilities in the United States, UCLA Health Operation Mend offers innovative care and the latest in medical technology.

Learn more about our specialized surgical care program, and our psychological care program for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Why Choose Us

Since 2007, UCLA Health Operation Mend has been providing advanced specialty surgical and medical consultation and treatment for injuries sustained in post-9/11 era military service. The original focus of Operation Mend was to engage UCLA’s world-class experts in plastic and reconstructive surgery to rebuild the faces of service members who had suffered highly complex facial trauma.

The program expanded to provide subspecialty surgical and medical consultation and specialty treatment in a variety of clinical areas, as well as comprehensive psychological health care for eligible post-9/11-era service members, veterans and their families. All care, care coordination, travel and lodging are provided at no cost to the veterans or service members and their caregivers. For those who have insurance, insurance will be utilized when applicable. The warrior is not responsible for co-payments, balance of cost, or authorization denials related to their care at UCLA.

Along with advanced medical specialty care, Operation Mend is distinguished by its focus on including the warriors’ family in care and providing comprehensive case management, coordination and social support that helps eliminate barriers to treatment.