Welcome to UCLA Health Operation Mend.

This is your first step to your well-being.

Jo Sornborger, PsyD
Jo Sornborger, PsyD, Executive Director, UCLA Health Operation Mend

I am proud to be the executive director of Operation Mend. If you are a post-9/11 veteran or service member who suffered an injury in the line of duty, you are our mission. I lead a team of professionals who are equally committed to you; we deliver comprehensive, compassionate care to veterans, service members and their caregivers.

If you have lost hope, Operation Mend is here to restore it.

Operation Mend was born of the idea that the complex and unique medical needs of service members can be better treated. The trauma of an injury – seen or unseen – takes its toll on your quality of life and affects how you interact with your family. We understand your sacrifice and the often-traumatic circumstances that contributed to your injuries.

Your search for help is over.

You’re in the best hands. Since its founding, Operation Mend has been the undisputed leader in caring for wounded veterans and active-duty service members. Our expert reconstructive surgeons created new techniques to help wounded warriors appear and feel like their former selves.

Care that is as unique as you.

Operation Mend is not ‘one size fits all.’ We care for battlefield injuries and we care for invisible wounds, too. We understand what you faced during your service and after it – and we are here to help. What began as surgical reconstruction services now includes treatment for some of the most common psychological and physical injuries warriors face. No one is turned away; no one is left behind.

Don’t worry about money.

You are about to embark on a care journey that will transform your life, and it is entirely free of charge. We know there are significant barriers to seeking treatment. We are here to alleviate them all.

Don’t stress about appointments and travel.

Our patient-centered Gold Standard of Care ensures you – and your caregiver – are supported throughout your journey to healing. When you become a patient (“participant”), you are treated like family. We book your flights and hotel; we pick you up at the airport and escort you to every appointment. We screen your health to diagnose and understand your distinct needs. And we create a care plan with you.

It is ok to be vulnerable.

We will help you recover from injuries you may have faced, including traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other psychological injuries. You and your care team will work with your caregiver, so they understand the challenges you face and the support you need. Together, we will rebuild your confidence, self-esteem, and sense of purpose. When you finish treatment, you will be ready to reengage in your life and with your families.

We focus on results; we focus on you.

We exist to improve your life and your quality of life – and that includes your family. Physical and psychological injuries can be debilitating and seem hopeless. With your help, we will turn that on its head. You won’t receive care; you are an active member of the process – along with your caregiver. We help families transform the way they communicate; we help warriors understand their symptoms and we develop a game plan for you to thrive.

I invite you to take that first step. I know it is the hardest, but it will be the first step to feeling better.

Jo Sornborger, PsyD
Executive Director
UCLA Health Operation Mend