Judy Soper

Dan & Judy are parents of Joey Paulk, patient #17 with Operation Mend. Dan & Judy reside in Oceanside, California, recently relocating back after six years in Dallas, Texas. Judy retired in 2018 after 30 years with 7- Eleven, Inc. Her most recent role was Director of Global Logistics. Dan remains working for 7-Eleven, Inc. as Vice President of Field Operations, with 22 years of service.

Dan Soper

They both enjoy music, wine, the beach and most importantly, spending time with family. Judy was introduced to Operation Mend at Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas in 2008. Upon returning to California, the family visited UCLA and became part of the Operation Mend family. Dan & Judy have since supported the program in several ways, to include garnering 7- Eleven, Inc. corporate sponsorship and hosting two Dallas area fundraising events. The Sopers look forward to supporting the program further now that they are living in southern California once again.