Small Group Training

A great workout is about more than sweat. It's about getting the coaching, community support, and attention you deserve.

Experience the difference of our scientifically proven training systems in a positive team atmosphere.

When you show up to a group training class into be sure to work hard, expect a challenge, become a part of our team, and help motivate each other to be the best versions of ourselves. Our EXOS Performance Specialists have worked with the world's most elite athletes, and aspire to cultivating a safe, supportive, and positive environment, that prevents injury and produces lasting results. The unique structure of our groups allows you to maximize benefits of all training memberships and take full advantage of our expert training staff. Group training is available for youth, high school, and adult programs.

Group Training Membership features:

  • Access to Group Training Classes:
    • EXOS Team Fitness
    • EXOS Team Performance
    • EXOS Team Yoga
  • Performance assessments
  • Initial Nutrition Consultation with Registered Dietitian

Membership Rates | 1 Month | 3 Month | 12 Month

Group Unlimited | $399 | $349 | $299

Group Limited - 9x/month | $349 | $299 | $249

Group Maintenance - 5x/month | $249 | $199 | $149

Adult Group Training Classes Offered:

EXOS Team Fitness

EXOS Team Fitness is our signature high energy performance-based fitness class. These group training classes will help you boost metabolism, diminish aches & pains, improve functional strength, & enhance movement quality. Every time you show up into this positive workout environment, not only will you look and feel better, but this will be the funnest, healthiest, and most challenging part of your day!!!

EXOS Team Fitness - Low Impact

This class takes our signature EXOS Team Fitness class and brings it down just a notch. Work out in a high-energy and positive environment, but at a slower pace. This class focuses on building mobility, stability and strength to help you feel and perform better. Great for beginners, older clients, injury recovery, or if you are returning to the gym after a long period of inactivity.

Youth and High School Group Training Classes Offered:

EXOS Sports Performance

Elevate your athletic performance with the same training and nutrition systems that help the world's top athletes excel. Our signature sports performance development program is designed to maximize your athletic potential through movement skills training and strength & conditioning. Athletes will work in groups and train under guidance of our EXOS Performance Specialists to improve sport-specific movement quality and achieve sport-specific strength & power. Athletes also learn how to optimize eating habits & hydration levels, maximize performance, build strong muscles, and prevent injury. 

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