Fire Response

Fire Safety Video - RACE and PASS (English)

General fire response procedures must be implemented immediately upon suspicion of a fire.

In the event of a SUSPECTED or CONFIRMED FIRE, remain calm and immediately do the following:

RACE: Remove, Alarm, Contain, and Extinguish

Remove patients and personnel from the immediate fire area if safe to do so.

Activate Alarm and notify others.

  1. Activate nearest audible fire alarm by pulling the handle down on alarm.
  2. Report the fire to either the Medical Center Communications or the Police Department by dialing "#36" or "911", respectively.
    Provide the following information:
    1. Location of event including building, floor and room number
    2. Description of problem
    3. Your name
  3. Notify other staff members in the area and obtain assistance

Contain the fire and the smoke by closing all doors leading into and surrounding the fire area. Do not lock them.

Extinguish the fire if safe to do so.

Or Evacuate

  1. If the fire cannot be extinguished safely, evacuate the area horizontally to the next safest smoke compartment.
  2. Do not open any door without first feeling it near the top. If it is hot, do not open the door.
  3. If it is not safe to evacuate horizontally, evacuate vertically down a safe stairwell to the designated vertical evacuation staging floor/unit.

For detailed procedures, reference Policy HS 8410 Fire - Code Red (PDF) for Ronald Reagan / Westwood Campus and Policy 1501 Fire - Code Red (PDF) for Santa Monica Campus.