Fume Hoods Certifications

Fume hoods are certified annually by The Office of  Environmental Health & Safety. 

After certification, a green sticker is placed on the fume hood with the month and year of certification.  An email is also sent to the laboratory manager with a summary of the fume hoods that have passed certification. 

Fume hoods that do not pass certification are tagged to not be in operation, and the laboratory manager contacts either the manufacturer (for ductless fume hood repair) or Campus Facilities (for built-in fume hood adjustment).

Each fume hood is certified to have an average air velocity of above 100 feet per minute, with no single point being less than 70 feet per minute, to satisfy the California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 5154.1. 

The fume hoods are certified for one year from the date on the certification, giving room until the end of the specified month for re-certification.  Additional documentation of the certification can be found with The Office of Environmental Health & Safety.