Upcoming Schedule

Monday, July 22: Marvin G. Belzer
Thursday, July 25: Diana Winston
Monday, July 29: Marvin G. Belzer
Thursday, August 1: Diana Winston with Michael Perricone & Signing Bowls
Monday, August 5: Marvin G. Belzer
Tuesday, August 6: Hammer Catch-up with Diana Winston
Thursday, August 8: Diana Winston

Our hope is that mindfulness can be a refuge for you in challenging times.

Join teachers from UCLA Mindful to meditate weekly or learn about themes in mindfulness. The meditations on this page are recorded from virtual drop-ins, our Hammer Museum weekly meditation drop in, and other UCLA Mindful events. 

Sessions are led by Diana Winston, Director of UCLA Mindful, Marvin G. Belzer, Allyson Pimentel, and by other guest leaders.

Hammer Museum Meditation Catch-Up For our virtual meditation participants, join us for a chance to meditate, catch up, ask questions and reconnect with Diana Winston or Allyson Pimentel. We will meet the first Tuesday of each month from 12:30-1pm. 
Aug 6- Diana, Sept 3- Allyson, Oct 1- Allyson, Nov 5- Diana, Dec 3-Allyson 

Live-Online via Zoom: https://uclahs.zoom.us/j/95801733523 

Meeting ID: 958 0173 3523

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July 18, 2024Mindfulness MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
July 15, 2024Mindful Monday  Marvin G. BelzerPlay
July 11, 2024Welcoming Your ExperienceAllyson PimentelPlay
July 8, 2024Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
July 1, 2024Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
June 27, 2024Mindfulness MeditationDr. AliPlay
June 24, 2024Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
June 20, 2024Extended Loving KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
June 17, 2024Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
June 13, 2024Mindfully Working with the UnexpectedDiana WinstonPlay
June 10, 2024Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
June 6, 2024Mindfulness of Length, Width, and DepthAllyson PimentelPlay
June 3, 2024Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
May 30, 2024
Diana WinstonPlay
May 27, 2024Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
May 23, 2024From Focused to Spacious AwarenessDiana WinstonPlay
May 20, 2024Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
May 16, 2024Softening the GazeAllyson PimentelPlay
May 13, 2024Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
May 9, 2024Willingness to be with Things as They Are... and Make ChangeDiana WinstonPlay
May 6, 2024Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
May 2, 2024Sending Out CareAllyson PimentelPlay
April 29, 2024Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
April 25, 2024Opening to PleasureDiana WinstonPlay
April 22, 2024Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
April 18, 2024You Belong to the WorldAllyson PimentelPlay
April 15, 2024Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
April 11, 2024Mindfulness MeditationMelanie YetterPlay
April 4, 2024Spring Cleaning of the HeartMitra ManeshPlay
March 28, 2024SofteningAllyson PimentelPlay
March 21, 2024Mindfulness MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
March 14, 2024"Dry" and "Wet" Loving KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
March 7, 2024Kindness, Gratitude and Permission to RestAllyson PimentelPlay
February 29, 2024Cultivating Appreciative JoyDiana WinstonPlay
February 22, 2024Full Moon Meditation Mitra ManeshPlay
February 15, 2024Love & KindnessAllyson PimentelPlay
February 8, 2024Kindness and Dealing with Things as They AreDiana WinstonPlay
February 1, 2024Mindfulness MeditationAllyson PimentelPlay
January 25, 2024Back to BasicsDiana WinstonPlay
January 18, 2024Symptoms of Inner PeaceDiana WinstonPlay
January 11, 2024New Year's MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
January 4, 2024Mindfulness MeditationAllyson PimentelPlay
December 14, 2023Accessing Rest and Well-being in the Holiday SeasonDiana WinstonPlay
December 7, 2023Staying Present to DelightAllyson PimentelPlay
November 30, 2023SilenceAllyson PimentelPlay
November 16, 2023Mindfulness MeditationMitra ManeshPlay
November 9, 2023Working with Difficult EmotionsDiana WinstonPlay
November 2, 2023Mindfulness as RememberingAllyson PimentelPlay
October 26, 2023Mindfulness MeditationDr. AliPlay
October 19, 2023Mindfulness MeditationAllyson PimentelPlay
October 12, 2023Finding Home Amidst a Turbulent WorldDiana WinstonPlay
October 5, 2023Mindfulness MeditationAllyson PimentelPlay
October 2, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
September 28, 2023Finding Strength and Sweetness in PracticeAllyson PimentelPlay
August 31, 2023Transitions, Liminal Space, and Beginner's MindDiana WinstonPlay
August 28, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
August 24, 2023Deep RestDiana WinstonPlay
August 17, 2023Opening to our Inner GoodnessDiana WinstonPlay
August 14, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
August 10, 2023Mindfulness MeditationAllyson PimentelPlay
August 7, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
August 3, 2023Patience & Mindful LivingMitra ManeshPlay
July 27, 2023Resting in the Mystery of BeingBrian ShiersPlay
July 20, 2023Mindfulness MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
July 17, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
July 13, 2023Cultivating Self CompassionDiana WinstonPlay
July 10, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
July 6, 2023Mindfulness MeditationDr. Ali RahmaniPlay
July 3, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
June 29, 2023Cultivating EquanimityDiana WinstonPlay
June 26, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
June 22, 2023Open Sky MindfulnessAllyson PimentelPlay
June 15, 2023Reflection on Our TeachersDiana WinstonPlay
June 12, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
June 8, 2023 AI, our changing world, and mindfulnessMitra ManeshPlay
June 5, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
June 1, 2023Joy, Flow, Connection & GratitudeAllyson PimentelPlay
May 25, 2023The Mindfulness Teachings of Tina TurnerAllyson PimentelPlay
May 22, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
May 15, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
May 11, 2023Singing Bowl Meditationn with Michael PerriconePlay
May 8, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
May 4, 2023Giving and Receiving Love & AppreciationAllyson PimentelPlay
May 1, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
April 27, 2023The Relaxation ResponseAllyson PimentelPlay
April 24, 2023Bodyfulness and Connecting with Our SensationsVy LePlay
April 20, 2023Earth Day MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
April 17, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
April 13, 2023Snow Globes & Our Inner WisdomDiana WinstonPlay
April 10, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
April 6, 2023Mindfulness & Feeling FreeAllyson PimentelPlay
April 3, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
March 30, 2023Loving Kindness for YourselfDiana WinstonPlay
March 20, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
March 23, 2023Springtime MindfulnessAllyson PimentelPlay
March 20, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
March 16, 2023Contemplating IntentionDiana WinstonPlay
March 13, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
March 9, 2023Building Focus in MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
March 6, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
March 2, 2023GratefulnessAllyson PimentelPlay
February 27, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
February 23, 2023Mindfulness and the Water ElementAllyson PimentelPlay
February 16, 2023Letting Go: Drop the BananaDiana WinstonPlay
February 13, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
February 9, 2023Working with Anxious Thoughts: Get off the Train!Diana WinstonPlay
February 6, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
February 2, 2023Taking Joy in Others' JoyDiana WinstonPlay
January 30, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
January 26, 2023Back to the BasicsDiana WinstonPlay
January 23, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
January 19, 2023Visioning for the New YearDiana WinstonPlay
January 12, 2023Opening to JoyDiana WinstonPlay
January 9, 2023Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
December 15, 2022Mindfulness MeditationTom HeahPlay
December 12, 2022Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
December 8, 2022Mindfulness as Letting Go and Letting BeAllyson PimentelPlay
December 5, 2022Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
December 1, 2022Mindfulness as RememberingAllyson PimentelPlay
November 28, 2022Mindful MondayVy LePlay
November 21, 2022Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
November 17, 2022GratitudeDiana WinstonPlay
November 14, 2022Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
November 10, 2022Kindness PracticeDiana WinstonPlay
November 7, 2022Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
November 3, 2022Mindfulness as a Liberatory PracticeAllyson PimentelPlay
October 31, 2022Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
October 27, 2022A Halloween Meditation: Working with FearDiana WinstonPlay
October 24, 2022Mindful MondayDr. AliPlay
October 20, 2022Radiating Kindness PracticeDiana WinstonPlay
October 17, 2022Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
October 13, 2022Extended "Wet" Loving-KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
October 10, 2022Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
October 6, 2022Meditation Practice as RefugeAllyson PimentelPlay
October 3, 2022Mindful MondayMarvin G. BelzerPlay
September 29, 2022"Dry" Loving-KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
September 26, 2022Mindful MondayVy LePlay
September 22, 2022Meeting Difficulties with Softness, Openness, and KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
September 15, 2022No-Drama Meditation... and LifeMitra ManeshPlay
September 8, 2022Kindness within MindfulnessDiana WinstonPlay
September 1, 2022Dwelling in the Present MomentAllyson PimentelPlay
August 29, 2022Mindful MondayAli Mossaver-RahmaniPlay
August 25, 2022RestDiana WinstonPlay
August 22, 2022Mindful MondayAli Mossaver-RahmaniPlay
August 18, 2022Mindfulness as AcknowledgementAllyson PimentelPlay
August 15, 2022Mindfulness Meditation and Doorways to the Present MomentVy LePlay
August 11, 2022Traveling Through the BodyAllyson PimentelPlay
August 8, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
August 4, 2022Mindfulness MeditationTom HeahPlay
July 25, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
July 21, 2022Walking MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
July 18, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
July 14, 2022Standing and Shifting MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
July 11, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
July 7, 2022Mindfulness to Shift ConsciousnessAllyson PimentelPlay
June 30, 2022Minduflness MeditationTom HeahPlay
June 27, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
June 23, 2022Self-CompassionDiana WinstonPlay
June 16, 2022The Spectrum of Awareness PracticesDiana WinstonPlay
June 9, 2022Cultivating CompassionDiana WinstonPlay
June 6, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
June 2, 2022A Lasting PeaceAllyson PimentelPlay
May 26, 2022Practices for Difficult TimesDiana WinstonPlay
May 23, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
May 19, 2022Eating MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
May 16, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
May 12, 2022Equanimity and the Winds of ChangeDiana WinstonPlay
May 9, 2022Mindful MondayAli Mossaver-RahmaniPlay
May 5, 2022Meet & Greet Your Inner MotherMitra ManeshPlay
May 2, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
April 28, 2022Mindfulness as ExplorationAllyson PimentelPlay
April 25, 2022Mindful MondayTina CarlsonPlay
April 21, 2022Opening to ImpermanenceDiana WinstonPlay
April 18, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
April 14, 2022Lake of Loving KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
April 11, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
April 7, 2022SavoringAllyson PimentelPlay
April 4, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
March 31, 2022The Practice of STOPDiana WinstonPlay
March 28, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
March 24, 2022Using RAIN for Difficult EmotionsDiana WinstonPlay
March 21, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
March 17, 2022Mindfulness and Kindness for Self and the WorldDiana WinstonPlay
March 10, 2022Mindful Attention ManagementMitra ManeshPlay
March 7, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
March 3, 2022Strong Back, Soft FrontAllyson PimentelPlay
February 28, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
February 24, 2022Body ScanTom HeahPlay
February 17, 2022Mindfulness for SleepDiana WinstonPlay
February 10, 2022Working with AnxietyDiana WinstonPlay
February 7, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
February 3, 2022Honoring Thich Nhat HanhAllyson PimentelPlay
January 31, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
January 27, 2022Remembering Thich Nhat HanhDiana WinstonPlay
January 24, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
January 20, 2022New Year's IntentionsDiana WinstonPlay
January 13, 2022Mindfulness and Visions for the YearDiana WinstonPlay
January 10, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
January 7, 2022Back to Basics of the BreathAllyson PimentelPlay
January 3, 2022Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
December 16, 2021Mindfulness of ThoughtsTom HeahPlay
December 13, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
December 9, 2021Mindfulness and End-of-Year ReflectionsAllyson PimentelPlay
December 6, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
December 2, 2021Mindfulness and LineageAllyson PimentelPlay
November 29, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
November 22, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
November 18, 2021Extending Loving Kindess & Gratitude PracticeDiana WinstonPlay
November 15, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
November 8, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
November 4, 2021Mindfulness and BelongingAllyson PimentelPlay
November 1, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
October 28, 2021Working with FearDiana WinstonPlay
October 25, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
October 21, 2021

Different Types of Awareness: Meditating with Fish


Use this Aquarium of the Pacific Webcam with this Meditation:


Diana WinstonPlay
October 18, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
October 14, 2021Taking Joy in Others' JoyDiana WinstonPlay
October 7, 2021Mindfulness as KindnessAllyson PimentelPlay
September 30, 2021Movement and Stillness of MindBrian ShiersPlay
September 23, 2021Cultivating PatienceDiana WinstonPlay
September 16, 2021Opening to ForgivenessDiana WinstonPlay
September 13, 2021Courage-- A Tribute Meditation for 9/11Diana WinstonPlay
September 9, 2021Mindfulness MeditationTom HeahPlay
September 2, 2021Opening to PleasureAllyson PimentelPlay
August 26, 2021Opening to UncertaintyDiana WinstonPlay
August 23, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
August 19, 2021The Balance of Compassion and EquanimityDiana WinstonPlay
August 16, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
August 12, 2021'Glimpses of Being’ Celebration with Singing BowlsDiana Winston with Michael & Jahna PerriconePlay
August 9, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
August 5, 2021Begin AgainAllyson PimentelPlay
July 29, 2021Mindfulness MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
July 22, 2021Equanimity as a Facet of MindfulnessMatthew BrensilverPlay
July 15, 2021Body ScanGloria KamlerPlay
July 8, 2021Practicing Across the Spectrum of AwarenessDiana WinstonPlay
July 1, 2021AttentionAllyson PimentelPlay
June 24, 2021Focused and Open AwarenessDiana WinstonPlay
June 21, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
June 17, 2021The Past and the Future Pain Story: Working with Pain in the Present Moment. Christiane WolfPlay
June 14, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
June 10, 2021Opening to Our Inner GoodnessDiana WinstonPlay
June 7, 2021Mindful Monday with MarvMarvin G. BelzerPlay
June 3, 2021Basic Mindfulness of the BreathAllyson PimentelPlay
May 27, 2021Cultivating the Heart of KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
May 20, 2021Embrace the BreathAllyson PimentelPlay
May 13, 2021Working with ThoughtsDiana WinstonPlay
May 6, 2021Mindfulness as SupportAllyson PimentelPlay
April 29, 2021Awareness in Movement and StillnessTom HeahPlay
April 22, 2021Earth Day MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
April 8, 2021The Beauty of the Present MomentAllyson PimentelPlay
April 1, 2021From Focused to Open AwarenessTom HeahPlay
March 25, 2021Mindfulness and KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
March 18, 2021An Invitation to SpringMitra ManeshPlay
March 11, 2021Mindfulness MeditationGloria KamlerPlay
March 4, 2021Mindfulness Teachings of Mr. RogersAllyson PimentelPlay
February 25, 2021The Spectrum of Awareness PracticesDiana WinstonPlay
February 11, 2021Using RAINN with Difficult EmotionsDiana WinstonPlay
February 4, 2021Meditation as a Path of FriendshipAllyson PimentelPlay
January 28, 2021Back to the BasicsDiana WinstonPlay
January 21, 2021GratitudeDiana WinstonPlay
January 14, 2021Getting Grounded and Setting IntentionsDiana WinstonPlay
January 7, 2021Sit So You Can StandAllyson PimentelPlay
December 17, 2020Handling Difficult Situations with Wisdom and CompassionDiana WinstonPlay
December 10, 2020Working Mindfully with LonelinessDiana WinstonPlay
December 3, 2020Mindfulness as Alignment with the GoodAllyson PimentelPlay
November 19, 2020Opening to GratitudeDiana WinstonPlay
November 12, 2020Post-Election Compassionate Body ScanAllyson PimentelPlay
November 5, 2020Post-Election Mindfulness MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
October 29, 2020Keeping QuietAllyson PimentelPlay
October 22, 2020Are You Anxious?Diana WinstonPlay
October 15, 2020Self-CareDiana WinstonPlay
October 8, 2020Meditation for SleepDiana WinstonPlay
October 1, 2020Equanimity like a MountainDiana WinstonPlay
September 24, 2020Mindfulness, Courage, and RBGDiana WinstonPlay
September 17, 2020Alternatives to Breath Awareness/Compassion in Fiery TimesDiana WinstonPlay
September 10, 2020Mindful Movement MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
September 3, 2020Mindful Walking MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
August 27, 2020Resolving the Tension of OppositesBrian ShiersPlay
August 20, 2020Cooling Off with Mindfulness Diana WinstonPlay
August 13, 2020Intentional Imagination Mitra ManeshPlay
August 6, 2020Working with Grief and LossDiana WinstonPlay
July 30, 2020Meeting Challenging Emotions with AwarenessTom HeahPlay
July 23, 2020The Elemental Nature of EquanimityAllyson PimentelPlay
July 16, 2020The Lake of KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
July 9, 2020Accessing our Fundamental Well-BeingDiana WinstonPlay
July 2, 2020Cultivating CompassionDiana WinstonPlay
June 25, 2020From Separation to Connection, Silence to Speaking Truth, Stillness to ActionAllyson PimentelPlay
June 18, 2020Envisioning a Better WorldDiana WinstonPlay
June 11, 2020CourageDiana WinstonPlay
June 4, 2020Mindfully Holding Anxiety, Grief, Confusion and AngerDiana WinstonPlay
May 28, 2020Focused AwarenessDiana WinstonPlay
May 21, 2020Cultivating JoyDiana WinstonPlay
May 14, 2020Opening to UncertaintyDiana WinstonPlay
May 7, 2020Opening to ChangeDiana WinstonPlay
April 30, 2020Urge surfing Mitra ManeshPlay
April 23, 2020Willingness To Be With What IsDiana WinstonPlay
April 16, 2020Kindness for OurselvesDiana WinstonPlay
April 9, 2020Mindful MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
April 2, 2020Cultivating Equanimity
in Challenging Times
Diana WinstonPlay
March 26, 2020Working with Difficult EmotionsDiana WinstonPlay
March 19, 2020Mindfulness in Difficult TimesDiana WinstonPlay
March 12, 2020Mindfulness of Washing HandsAllyson PimentelPlay
March 5, 2020Facilitating Ease: Breath as a Restorative
Practice in these Times
Jill SatterfieldPlay
February 27, 2020Mindfulness and Singing BowlsDiana Winston & Micheal PerriconePlay
February 20, 2020Working with Sleepiness in MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
February 13, 2020Meaning of LoveMitra ManeshPlay
February 6, 2020Taking Joy in Others’ JoyDiana WinstonPlay
January 30, 2020Mindfulness and KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
January 23, 2020Back to BasicsDiana WinstonPlay
January 16, 2020Envisioning a Positive Future
in our World
Diana WinstonPlay
January 9, 2020Intentions for the New YearDiana WinstonPlay
December 5, 2019Opening to JoyDiana WinstonPlay
December 5, 2019RAIN: Working with
Difficult Emotions
Diana WinstonPlay
November 21, 2019GratitudeDiana WinstonPlay
November 14, 2019Body and BreathGloria KamlerPlay
November 7, 2019How to Rediscover Your PracticeBrian ShiersPlay
October 31, 2019Dealing with UncertaintyDiana WinstonPlay
October 24, 2019Mindful AttitudeMitra ManeshPlay
October 17, 2019Reflection Meditation:
Finding our Inner Wisdom
Diana WinstonPlay
October 10, 2019Cultivating KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
October 3, 2019Practicing PatienceDiana WinstonPlay
September 26, 2019Letting Our Kids (and Others)
Be Themselves
Diana WinstonPlay
September 19, 2019Mindfulness and IntentionsDiana WinstonPlay
August 29, 2019Equanimity and MosquitosDiana WinstonPlay
August 22, 2019Equanimity and Non ReactivityDiana WinstonPlay
August 15, 2019Mindfulness of the Body and BreathAllyson PimentelPlay
August 8, 2019Finding Refuge in Difficult TimesDiana WinstonPlay
August 1, 2019What Is "Myself"?Brian ShiersPlay
July 25, 2019The Present is Made of Our PastMatthew BrensilverPlay
July 18, 2019Attention as Our Most Basic CurrencyMatthew BrensilverPlay
July 11, 2019Self-CompassionDiana WinstonPlay
June 27, 2019Curiosity & Compassion in the FamilyMitra ManeshPlay
June 20, 2019Part 4: Natural AwarenessDiana WinstonPlay
June 13, 2019Part 3: Choiceless AwarenessDiana WinstonPlay
June 6, 2019Part 2: Investigative AwarenessDiana WinstonPlay
May 30, 2019Part 1: Focused AwarenessDiana WinstonPlay
May 23, 2019Working Mindfully with PainDiana WinstonPlay
May 16, 2019Mindfulness of ImpermanenceDiana WinstonPlay
May 9, 2019Willingness To Be With What Is?Diana WinstonPlay
May 2, 2019Working With Automatic Thoughts
About Difficult People
Brian ShiersPlay
April 25, 2019Lake of Loving KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
April 18, 2019IntegrationMitra ManeshPlay
April 11, 2019Saying No MindfullyMitra ManeshPlay
April 04, 2019Leaving Anxiety StreetDiana WinstonPlay
March 28, 2019Deliberate and Expansive MindfulnessDiana WinstonPlay
March 21, 2019Mindfulness and Attentional ObjectBrian ShiersPlay
March 14, 2019Uncovering your Natural AwarenessDiana WinstonPlay
March 07, 2019Spectrum of Awareness PracticeDiana WinstonPlay
February 14, 2019Mindfulness and Singing BowlsDiana Winston & Micheal PerriconePlay
February 28, 2019Appreciative Joy and MindfulnessDiana WinstonPlay
January 10, 2019Mindfulness and
New Year's Reflection
Diana WinstonPlay
January 3, 2019A Sense of BelongingDiana WinstonPlay
December 13, 2018Guided Imagery and KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
December 6, 2018Mindfulness and Letting GoDiana WinstonPlay
November 29, 2018Mindfulness and RAIN PracticeDiana WinstonPlay
November 15, 2018Cultivating GratitudeDiana WinstonPlay
November 8, 2018To be with OurselvesGloria KamlerPlay
November 1, 2018Love and Even-mindednessDiana WinstonPlay
October 25, 2018Mindfulness and EaseGloria KamlerPlay
October 18, 2018Working with Sadness
and Grief
Diana WinstonPlay
October 11, 2018Contentment and
The Nature of Joy
Diana WinstonPlay
October 4, 2018Cultivating Joy and
Working with Anxiety
Diana WinstonPlay
September 27, 2018Mindfulness and EquanimityDiana WinstonPlay
September 20, 2018Sympathetic and Appreciative JoyDiana WinstonPlay
August 30, 2018Kindness MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
August 23, 2018The Opposite of Challenging StatesDiana WinstonPlay
August 16, 2018Judgment and MindfulnessMitra ManeshPlay
August 9, 2018The "Payment" of Paying AttentionBrian ShiersPlay
August 2, 2018Mindfulness: Basics & BenefitsGloria KamlerPlay
July 26, 2018Two Key Insights of MindfulnessMatthew BrensilverPlay
July 19, 2018How Mindfulness Might
Serve Us
Matthew BrensilverPlay
July 12, 2018Feeling Joy for OthersDiana WinstonPlay
July 5, 2018Using AttentionMarvin G. BelzerPlay
June 28, 2018Practicing in Difficult TimesDiana WinstonPlay
June 21, 2018Driving: Mindfulness
on the Road
Diana WinstonPlay
June 14, 2018What If You Have an Itch?Diana WinstonPlay
June 7, 2018Mindfulness of ThoughtsDiana WinstonPlay
May 31, 2018Working with PainDiana WinstonPlay
May 24, 2018Mitra ManeshNow & PastPlay
May 17, 2018Difficult EmotionsDiana WinstonPlay
May 10, 2018Making DecisionsDiana WinstonPlay
May 3, 2018Focusing on Ourselves
with Lovingkindness
Diana WinstonPlay
April 26, 2018Mindful MeditationGloria KamlerPlay
April 19, 2018Mindful MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
April 12, 2018Obstacles to Meditation,
part 5: Aversion
Diana WinstonPlay
April 5, 2018Mindfulness: Basics and BenefitsGloria KamlerPlay
March 29, 2018Obstacles to Meditation,
part 4: Desire
Diana WinstonPlay
March 22, 2018Meditation with Tibetan
Singing Bowls
Michael PerriconePlay
March 15, 2018Obstacles to Meditation,
part 3: Doubt
Diana WinstonPlay
March 8, 2018Obstacles to Meditation,
part 2: Restlessness
Diana WinstonPlay
March 1, 2018Obstacles to Meditation,
part 1: Sleepiness
Diana WinstonPlay
February 22, 2018Mindful MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
February 15, 2018Mindful MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
February 8, 2018Letting Go of Metaphorical BananasDiana WinstonPlay
February 1, 2018Kindness During MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
January 25, 2018Basics of MindfulnessDiana WinstonPlay
January 18, 2018Paying AttentionMarvin G. BelzerPlay
January 11, 2018New Year Intentions
and Reflections
Diana WinstonPlay
January 4, 2018Mindful MeditationMitra ManeshPlay
December 14, 2017Mindful MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
Decebmer 7, 2017Becoming GroundedDiana WinstonPlay
November 30, 2017Gratitude Amidst ChallengesDiana WinstonPlay
November 16, 2017The Promise of MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
November 9, 2017Dimensions of AwarenssDiana WinstonPlay
November 2, 2017Acceptance & MindfulnessMitra ManeshPlay
October 26, 2017LovingkindnessDiana WinstonPlay
October 19, 2017Reflections on "Cada Respiro
(Every Breath)" (link to video shown)
Diana WinstonPlay
October 12, 2017The Basics and BenefitsGloria KamlerPlay
October 5, 2017Mindfulness and Compassion PracticeGloria KamlerPlay
September 28, 2017Mindfulness and
Mitra ManeshPlay
September 21, 2017Focusing Inward & Seeing Clearly*Diana WinstonPlay*
August 31, 2017Cultivating LovingkindnessDiana WinstonPlay
August 17, 2017Playfulness and MindfulnessMitra ManeshPlay
August 10, 2017Mindfulness and ResponsibilityMitra ManeshPlay
August 3, 2017Mindful MeditationDeborah Eden TullPlay
July 27, 2017Being with Being HumanMatthew BrensilverPlay
July 20, 2017Inner StrengthMitra ManeshPlay
July 13, 2017Practicing EquanimityDiana WinstonPlay
July 6, 2017Creating a Balanced MindDiana WinstonPlay
June 29, 2017Moment by Moment:
This is Your Life
Diana WinstonPlay
June 22, 2017Self-Care and MindfulnessMitra ManeshPlay
June 15, 2017Improving Our Ability to FocusDiana WinstonPlay
June 8, 2017Staying Present in Difficult MomentsDiana WinstonPlay
June 1, 2017Working with Physical PainDiana WinstonPlay
May 25, 2017Awareness and the
Power to Choose
Diana WinstonPlay
May 18, 2017The "S.T.O.P." PracticeDiana WinstonPlay
May 11, 2017Being vs. DoingDiana WinstonPlay
May 4, 2017Mindfulness and CareDiana WinstonPlay
April 27, 2017Mindful MeditationDeborah Eden TullPlay
April 20, 2017Mindful MeditationEric Maya LopezPlay
April 13, 2017The Willingness To Be
With What Is
Diana WinstonPlay
April 6, 2017Mindful MeditationGloria KamlerPlay
March 30, 2017Seeing Things As They AreDiana WinstonPlay
March 23, 2017Exploring the Concepts
of Past and Future
Diana WinstonPlay
March 16, 2017Tuning In to our Inner WisdomDiana WinstonPlay
March 9, 2017Mindfulness and BehaviorDiana WinstonPlay
March 2, 2017Meditation with Tibetan
Singing Bowls
Michael PerriconePlay
February 23, 2017Exploring Natural AwarenessDiana WinstonPlay
February 16, 2017Exploring Awareness (Part 2)Diana WinstonPlay
February 9, 2017Exploring AwarenessDiana WinstonPlay
February 2, 2017Willingness to Be With What IsDiana WinstonPlay
January 26, 2017Mindful MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
January 19, 2017New Year’s Intentions (Part 2)Diana WinstonPlay
January 12, 2017New Year's IntentionsDiana WinstonPlay
January 5, 2017Mindful MeditationMitra ManeshPlay
December 15, 2016Gratitude and Holiday ThoughtsDiana WinstonPlay
December 8, 2016Cultivating Loving KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
December 1, 2016Working with ThoughtsDiana WinstonPlay
November 17, 2016Cultivating CompassionDiana WinstonPlay
November 10, 2016Bringing Mindfulness to
Post-Election Stress
Diana WinstonPlay
November 3, 2016Body and Breath MeditationGloria KamlerPlay
October 27, 2016Equanimity (Part 2)Diana WinstonPlay
October 20, 2016EquanimityDiana WinstonPlay
October 13, 2016Cultivating Kindness and
Compassion for the World
Diana WinstonPlay
October 6, 2016Mindful MeditationGloria KamlerPlay
September 29, 2016Working with ThoughtsDiana WinstonPlay
September 22, 2016Working with Difficult
Emotional Pain
Diana WinstonPlay
September 15, 2016Presence in the Midst of PainDiana WinstonPlay
September 1, 2016Cultivating Loving Kindness
(Part 2)
Diana WinstonPlay
August 25, 2016Cultivating Loving KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
August 18, 2016Mindful MeditationsGael BeldenPlay
August 11, 2016Mindful MeditationsMitra ManeshPlay
August 4, 2016Mindful MeditationsDr. Eric LopezPlay
July 28, 2016Mindful MeditationsMitra ManeshPlay
July 21, 2016Mechanisms of MindfulnessMatthew BrensilverPlay
July 14, 2016Mindful MeditationsGloria KamlerPlay
July 7, 2016The Quality of the Willingness
to Be With What Is
Diana WinstonPlay
June 30, 2016ForgivenessMitra ManeshPlay
June 23, 2016Decision-Making and Inner WisdomMitra ManeshPlay
June 16, 2016Meditation with
Tibetan Singing Bowls
Michael PerriconePlay
June 9, 2016Mindful MeditationsDr. Eric LopezPlay
June 2, 2016Mindful MeditationsMitra ManeshPlay
May 26, 2016Mindful Practices for
Daily Living: S.T.O.P
Diana WinstonPlay
May 19, 2016Cultivating Self-CompassionDiana WinstonPlay
May 12, 2016Meditation for BeginnersDiana WinstonPlay
May 5, 2016Mindful MeditationsDr. Eric LopezPlay
April 28, 2016Mindful Meditations with a
Reflection on Sayadaw U Pandita
Diana WinstonPlay
April 21, 2016Living in the MomentDiana WinstonPlay
April 14, 2016Meditation with Tibetan Singing BowlsMichael PerriconePlay
April 7, 2016Joy (Part 2)Diana WinstonPlay
March 31, 2016Mindful MeditationsDr. Eric LopezPlay
March 24, 2016JoyDiana WinstonPlay
March 17, 2016Equanimity (Part 2)Diana WinstonPlay
March 10, 2016EquanimityDiana WinstonPlay
March 3, 2016Mindful MeditationsDr. Eric LopezPlay
February 25, 2016Mindful MeditationsGuest LecturerPlay
February 18, 2016Being With What isDiana WinstonPlay
February 11, 2016Mindful LifeDiana WinstonPlay
February 4, 2016Listening to SoundDiana WinstonPlay
January 28, 2016Mindfulness and the ScienceDiana WinstonPlay
January 21, 2016KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
January 14, 2016New Years ReflectionsDiana WinstonPlay
January 7, 2016Mindful MeditationsEric LopezPlay
December 17, 2015Paying AttentionMarvin G. BelzerPlay
December 10, 2015Willingness to be with What IsDiana WinstonPlay
December 3, 2015Meditation with Tibetan Singing BowlsDiana WinstonPlay
November 19, 2015GratitudeDiana WinstonPlay
November 12, 2015Wise Contemplation:
Working Mindfully with Problems
Diana WinstonPlay
November 5, 2015Mindful MeditationsGloria KamlerPlay
October 29, 2015Working with FearDiana WinstonPlay
October 22, 2015Different Types of MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
October 15, 2015Back to BasicsDiana WinstonPlay
October 8, 2015Loving Kindness (Part 2)Diana WinstonPlay
October 1, 2015Loving KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
September 24, 2015Mindful MeditationsDiana WinstonPlay
September 17, 2015Mindful MeditationsDiana WinstonPlay
September 10, 2015Mindful MeditationsEric LopezPlay
September 3, 2015Mindful MeditationsEric LopezPlay
August 27, 2015Mindful MeditationsDiana WinstonPlay
August 20, 2015Mindful MeditationsDiana Winstonlay
August 13, 2015Mindful MeditationsDeborah Eden TullPlay
August 6, 2015Mindful MeditationsEric LopezPlay
July 30, 2015Mindful MeditationsMitra ManeshPlay
July 23, 2015Mindful MeditationsMatthew BrensilverPlay
July 16, 2015Mindful MeditationsMatthew BrensilverPlay
July 2, 2015Mindful MeditationsMitra ManeshPlay
June 25, 2015Mindful MeditationsGloria KamlerPlay
June 18, 2015Mindfulness and Compassion
for the World
Diana WinstonPlay
June 11, 2015Appreciative JoyDiana WinstonPlay
June 4, 2015Kindness and Guided ImageryDiana WinstonPlay
May 28, 2015Mindful Meditations with
Tibetan Singing Bowls
Diana WinstonPlay
May 21, 2015Mindful Meditations: Cultivating KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
May 14, 2015Mindful MeditationsDiana WinstonPlay
May 7, 2015Mindful MeditationsDiana WinstonPlay
April 30, 20153 Center Check-InDiana WinstonPlay
April 23, 2015Mindful MeditationMitra ManeshPlay
April 16, 2015Working With Difficult EmotionsDiana WinstonPlay
April 9, 2015Mindful Awareness MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
April 2, 2015Letting GoDiana WinstonPlay
March 26, 2015Mindfulness of ChangeDiana WinstonPlay
March 19, 2015Tibetan Singing BowlsDiana WinstonPlay
March 12, 2015CourageDiana WinstonPlay
March 5, 2015Sleep and SleepinessDiana WinstonPlay
February 26, 2015ReactivityDiana WinstonPlay
February 19, 2015Non Identification –
Working with Thoughts
Diana WinstonPlay
February 12, 2015Working with ThoughtsDiana WinstonPlay
February 5, 2015Standing Meditation and KindnessDiana WinstonPlay
January 29, 2015Back to the BasicsDiana WinstonPlay
January 22, 2015Equanimity (Part 2)Diana WinstonPlay
January 15, 2015EquanimityDiana WinstonPlay
January 8, 2015New Year's IntentionsDiana WinstonPlay
December 18, 2014Sending Kindness to the WorldDiana WinstonPlay
December 11, 2014Mindful Awareness Meditation
with Tibetan Singing Bells
Diana WinstonPlay
December 4, 2014Willingness to Be with What IsDiana WinstonPlay
November 20, 2014Mindful MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
November 13, 2014Benefits of Mindfulness
(missing first 3 minutes)
Diana WinstonPlay
November 6, 2014Breath Meditation:
Belly, Chest, Nose
Gloria KamlerPlay
October 30, 2014Mindful MeditationMitra ManeshPlay
October 16, 2014Mindful Meditation
with Tibetan Singing Bowls
Diana WinstonPlay
October 9, 2014Equanimity - Part 2Diana WinstonPlay
October 2, 2014EquanimityDiana WinstonPlay
September 18, 2014What if the Present is not OK?Diana WinstonPlay
August 28, 2014Extended Meditation InstructionsDiana WinstonPlay
August 21, 2014JoyDiana WinstonPlay
August 14, 2014Accessing our Inner GoodnessDiana WinstonPlay
August 7, 2014Mindful Time RelationDiana WinstonPlay
July 31, 2014Cultivating Investigation
and Curiosity in your Practice
Diana WinstonPlay
July 24, 2014Cultivating Loving Kindness
for Ourselves
Diana WinstonPlay
July 17, 2014Mindful MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
June 26, 2014Mindful MeditationDeborah Eden TullPlay
June 19, 2014Mindfulness and GratitudeDiana WinstonPlay
June 5, 2014RAIN: Working with
Difficult Emotions
Diana WinstonPlay
May 22, 2014Mindful MeditationDeborah Eden TullPlay
May 15, 2014Meditation with Singing BowlsDiana WinstonPlay
May 8, 2014Mindful MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
May 1, 2014Obstacles: Working with DoubtDiana WinstonPlay
April 24, 2014Breathing MeditationGloria KamlerPlay
April 17, 2014Obstacles: Working with AversionDiana WinstonPlay
April 10, 2014Obstacles: Working with Desire –
Diana WinstonPlay
April 3, 2014Body and Breath MeditationGloria KamlerPlay
March 27, 2014Obstacles: Working with
Desire and Fantasy
Diana WinstonPlay
March 20, 2014Obstacles: Working with
Diana WinstonPlay
March 6, 2014Mindful Meditation with
Deborah Eden Tull
Deborah Eden TullPlay
February 27, 2014Finding your Inner WisdomDiana WinstonPlay
February 20, 2014Meditation with Singing BowlsDiana WinstonPlay
February 6, 2014Working with Pain - ContinuedDiana WinstonPlay
January 30, 2014Working with PainDiana WinstonPlay
January 23, 2014Back to BasicsDiana WinstonPlay
January 16, 2014Mindfulness and
Loving Kindness
Diana WinstonPlay
January 9, 2014New Year's IntentionsDiana WinstonPlay
November 21, 2013GratitudeDiana WinstonPlay
November 14, 2013Cultivating JoyDiana WinstonPlay
November 7, 2013Mindful MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
October 31, 2013Mindful MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
October 24, 2013Mindful MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
October 10, 2013Meditation with BowlsDiana WinstonPlay
October 3, 2013Mindful MeditationGloria KamlerPlay
September 26, 2013Working with ThinkingDiana WinstonPlay
September 19, 2013Using a Meditation AnchorDiana WinstonPlay
August 15, 2013Altruism, Kindness,
and Mindfulness
Diana WinstonPlay
August 1, 2013Equanimity - ContinuedDiana WinstonPlay
July 25, 2013EquanimityDiana WinstonPlay
July 18, 2013Meditation with Tibetan Singing BowlsDiana WinstonPlay
July 11, 2013Working with ThoughtsDiana WinstonPlay
June 20, 2013Working with Sleepiness
and Restlessness
Diana WinstonPlay
June 13, 2013Mindul MeditationGloria KamlerPlay
June 6, 2013Practical Details for MeditatingDiana WinstonPlay
May 30, 2013Equanimity - ContinuedDiana WinstonPlay
May 23, 2013Mindful MeditationMarvin G. BelzerPlay
May 16, 2013EquanimityDiana WinstonPlay
May 9, 2013Mindful Meditation with KidsDiana WinstonPlay
May 2, 2013Mindful MeditationGloria KamlerPlay
April 25, 2013Mindful MeditationGloria KamlerPlay
April 4, 2013Mindful MeditationGloria KamlerPlay
March 28, 2013Mindful Monkey, Happy PandaDiana WinstonPlay
March, 21, 2013Deepen your Concentration –
Diana WinstonPlay
March 14, 2013Deepen your ConcentrationDiana WinstonPlay
March 7, 2013Bringing Kindness to our MeditationDiana WinstonPlay
February 14, 2013Mindfulness and ForgivenessDiana WinstonPlay
February 7, 2013Mindfulness and LovingkindnessDiana WinstonPlay
January 31, 2013Meditating with SoundDiana WinstonPlay
January 24, 2013Back to BasicsDiana WinstonPlay
January 17, 2013New Year Intentions- RepeatedDiana WinstonPlay
January 10, 2013New Year IntentionsDiana WinstonPlay

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