Care Extender Committees

The Care Extender Program offers various leadership opportunities and positions, which go beyond standard department volunteering. These opportunities are exclusively available to current Care Extenders and provide a chance to get more involved with the program and work closely with volunteer staff members. It is important to note that these opportunities do not replace the mandatory number of shifts in your department and are in addition to the 250 required hours to complete the program. 

Benefits of Joining a Committee:

By joining a committee, you can:

  1. Qualify for a Letter of Recommendation: If you maintain good standing in the committee for two or more rotations, you will be eligible for a letter of recommendation.

  2. Get More Involved in the CE Program: Committees offer a great opportunity to learn more about how the Care Extender program works and to start working with the staff of the CE program.

  3. Receive Priority Preferences within Your Class: As an active member of the committee, you will receive priority preferences for each rotation, excluding Shadowing.

Please note that committee shifts cannot replace department shifts, as committee shifts are an additional commitment on top of your regular Care Extender responsibilities.

Admissions Training Committee

The Admissions Training Committee is currently accepting applications. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Moryel Yashar at [email protected] or Sanjana Somepalli at [email protected].


The Admissions Training Committee (ATC) is responsible for serving as readers for ATC committee applications, facilitating the interview process, and assisting with Training Day. During interviews, ATC members will be responsible for checking applicants in, taking photos, maintaining crowd control, presenting health requirements, and answering any questions applicants may have. Although ATC members do not conduct the interviews, there are numerous opportunities to learn about the interview process and interact with program staff. Additionally, ATC members will work closely with Training Coordinators to facilitate Training Day, including meeting to review responsibilities and assisting on Training Day.


To be a committee member, you must:

  • Complete a total of 8-12 hours between interview shifts (tentative)
  • Complete a total of 5 hours on Training Day
  • Commit for at least 2 rotations


  • Build Professional Relationships: Committee members will have the chance to build professional relationships with program staff, fellow committee members, and potentially even future colleagues in the healthcare field.
  • Develop Communication and Leadership Skills: As a committee member, you will be responsible for supporting and assisting with the admissions process, which can help you develop valuable communication and leadership skills that will be useful in any career path.
  • Network with Admissions Staff: Committee members will have the opportunity to network with admissions staff, who may be able to offer guidance and advice regarding career paths, application processes, and more.
  • Double Hours: Committee members will receive double hours for all extra time put in, which can be particularly helpful for students looking to gain more experience.

Department Coordinator Assistant (DCA) Position

The Department Coordinator Assistant (DCA) Committee application is currently closed. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Michelle Chen at [email protected]. 


The primary duty of a DCA is to assist Care Extender staff members in maintaining the quality of the Care Extender program by performing "sweeps" at either the Ronald Reagan Hospital or the Santa Monica Hospital. During a sweep, you will visit a specific set of hospital departments at a particular shift time to ensure that everything is running smoothly. You will be responsible for verifying that scheduled Care Extenders are attending their shifts and in proper uniform. Additionally, you will gather comments and suggestions for specific departments and for the overall program from both the Care Extenders and the hospital staff members.


To be a committee member, you must:

  • Perform a total of 10 quality sweeps per rotation, which takes about 30 minutes each
  • Submit each sweep using an online submission form, which takes about 10-15 minutes each


  • Learn About Hospital Operations: As a DCA, you will have the opportunity to learn about hospital operations and gain insight into how a hospital runs on a day-to-day basis. This experience can be particularly valuable for students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare administration.

  • Gain Experience in Quality Control: By performing quality sweeps, you will be required to pay close attention to detail to ensure that the department is running smoothly and that all Care Extenders are being supported. This attention to detail can be a valuable skill in any career path.

  • Network with Hospital Staff: As a DCA, you will have the opportunity to interact with hospital staff members and build professional relationships. This can be a valuable networking opportunity for students interested in pursuing a specific career in healthcare.

  • Double Hours: As previously mentioned, committee members will receive double hours for all extra time put in, which can be particularly helpful for students looking to gain more experience. With approximately 20-25 hours for one rotation, this can be a significant amount of additional experience.

Recruitment Committee

The Recruitment Committee application is currently closed. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Nozaneen Arshady at [email protected]


The Recruitment Committee is made up of Care Extenders who help recruit new applicants for the CE program by promoting the program at various schools and publicizing on variety of platforms. The work that you do in this committee will be essential to the quality of the program, since you will be the ones ensuring that the CE program gets a diverse and excellent group of fresh recruits. Some of the ways committee members promote the program include emailing professors, visiting their school’s career center, making announcements in classrooms and at club meetings, advertising at career fairs and handing out flyers. Keep in mind that the time committed to the Recruitment Committee is extra time on top of your own volunteering shifts.


  • Average weekly commitment 2-4 hours


  • Develop skills in communication and outreach: As a committee member, you will gain valuable experience in communicating with diverse audiences and promoting an organization's mission. These skills will be applicable to any future healthcare career that involves interacting with patients, families, or colleagues.
  • Build relationships with healthcare professionals: By attending career fairs and making announcements in classrooms, you will have the opportunity to connect with healthcare professionals and learn more about their career paths. This could be particularly helpful for pre-health students who are still exploring different healthcare specialties.
  • Make a tangible impact on the community: By recruiting new volunteers for the CE program, you will be helping to ensure that patients at UCLA Health receive high-quality care from compassionate and well-trained volunteers. This sense of purpose and impact could be particularly fulfilling for pre-health students who are seeking opportunities to make a positive difference in the world.
  • Strengthen your application for healthcare programs: Serving on the Recruitment Committee demonstrates to admissions committees that you have leadership skills, a commitment to community service, and a willingness to go above and beyond your basic volunteering requirements. This could strengthen your application for medical school, nursing programs, or other healthcare-related programs.