Requesting Preoperative Telephone Screening

To refer a patient for PEPC telephone screening interview, please place a physician order in the Visit Navigator under the “Medications and Orders” section. Please note that a telephone screening cannot be arranged before the procedure is booked.

The ambulatory order name is:

            Referral to PEPC Pre-anesthesia Phone Screening

Please use this option when:

  • You have a patient who would benefit from preoperative anesthesia evaluation, or has questions about anesthesia, but does not require in-person consultation;
  • You are concerned about the complexity of the patient’s medical history and would like to have the patient screened but an in-person visit cannot be arranged;
  • Your patient would not be routinely screened based on demographics, but you are aware of a complex history and want to alert the perioperative team.

Younger, healthier patients scheduled for outpatient procedures typically do not require a telephone screening interview prior to surgery.

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