Stethoscope and glass globe on table top

Clinical research and patient care are inseparable components of our department’s work. Every day, our faculty members are engaged in IRB-approved clinical research to advance the practical delivery of anesthesiology care and improve patient safety in every type of operation or procedure, from the routine to the most critical. The success of our clinical research program can be measured by our wealth of clinical publications and by our presence at national and international anesthesiology meetings. Our clinical researchers are helping to train the next generation of physician anesthesiologists, in the belief that scientific inquiry is the pathway to deeper knowledge, innovation, and ever better patient care.

The clinical research conducted within our department encompasses a wide range of topics across the full spectrum of anesthesiology, including perioperative medicine, critical care, and pain medicine. Our expert teams lead government-funded and industry-funded projects, and consistently publish in the most widely read and cited journals. Core research topics include cardiovascular and pulmonary outcomes, care redesign, drug disposition, drug development, echocardiography, education sciences, information technology, monitoring technologies, pain management, pharmacogenomics, postoperative delirium, and risk stratification. The clinical environment at UCLA offers great opportunities for development and validation of new devices and drugs. Several commercially available technologies that improve patient care on a daily basis around the world have been developed by our faculty members. Our clinical research group is committed to innovation and partnership.

Our Clinical Research Committee reviews every project, mentors young researchers, and provides support at every step for study design, protocol development, data management, IRB submission, statistical analysis, and document preparation. Our clinical research support staff includes full-time research coordinators, nurses, and a regulatory/QA specialist for human subjects research.

To learn more about all the specialized divisions of clinical anesthesiology at UCLA, please visit the "Our Specialties" section of our main website.