Under the direction of Dr. Steven D. Schwartz, the Diabetic Eye Disease and Retinal Vascular Center provides diabetic patients with comprehensive ophthalmic care. Established more than a decade ago, the Center has contributed significantly to the understanding, treatment, and prevention of diabetic eye disease. Current focus is on innovation in technologies and techniques that expand the standard of treatment, such as drugs and pharmacotherapeutic strategies, new lasers and laser strategies, refinement of microsurgical techniques specific to diabetic eye diseases, and nontraditional treatment approaches.

The Center’s treatment philosophy is based upon the systemic nature of diabetes. Patient care is coordinated with other UCLA departments to address the special needs of diabetics that lie outside the field of ophthalmology.

Center treatment interventions include pharmacotherapy, laser and ophthalmic surgery. Recognizing the special care needed for diabetics in any surgical situation, Center physicians perform all eye surgeries for diabetics, including those specific to the disease, as well as vitrectomy, cataract surgery, and retinal reattachment.