The Orbital Disease Center, under the direction of Drs. Daniel B. Rootman and Robert Alan Goldberg, was founded in 1991. The Center brings multidisciplinary expertise to the treatment and study of orbital diseases arising from trauma, cancer, inflammation, and infection. Care is organized around a team of experts in ophthalmology, interventional neuroradiology, neurosurgery, head and neck surgery, radiation oncology, and craniofacial surgery, bringing to the treatment of orbital diseases a depth of knowledge and experience not available elsewhere in Southern California.

The Center provides both medical and surgical management of orbital diseases. The team performs procedures that are not usually available in the community, including orbital decompression, microsurgery for orbital apical tumors, optic canal decompression, combined interventional neuroradiology procedures for vascular tumors, and bony reconstruction to address traumatic or congenital defects.

The Center has an active program in thyroid eye disease, where new surgical techniques are evaluated, and basic science research is carried out to advance understanding about the disease. A fellowship program trains future leaders, and teaching courses draw international audiences of highly trained orbital specialists to learn the latest advances in the field.