Director: Joseph Caprioli, MD
Program Coordinator: Janet Chong 

Glaucoma exam magnifier

The Weekly Glaucoma conference series, an academic program, which supports higher education for UCLA residents, fellows, and faculty which fosters the exchange of research, knowledge and cooperation within the institute. Glaucoma Conferences enhance the professional development of physicians, and provides them with the current state of knowledge in the subspecialty of glaucoma. Its purpose is also to guide the audience on how to provide the highest quality of patient care. The valuable information provided continues to inspire residents to participate in glaucoma research with faculty, fostering development of a lifelong commitment to learning. The faculty considers small-group teaching with interactions between faculty and students to be an effective means of teaching.

The Glaucoma Conference Series provide a well-rounded educational session incorporating fundamental principles, training in methods of investigation, and addressing critical issues about the disease and how best to treat patients. This academic program is especially critical for residents because it is an essential part of their curriculum. Faculty, fellows, residents, and guest speakers within UCLA and from outside institutions provide the presentations. This exchange of knowledge and cooperation among the members of the Institute as well as outside scholars promotes the importance of research and patient care, especially for those looking into a career in academia or in the subspecialty of glaucoma. 

It is expected that the attendees, each within his/her own field should have acquired the following skills and knowledge: 

  • Surgical skills in cataract, trabeculectomy, and valve insertion
  • Introduction to new glaucoma treatment and surgical methods, such as minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS)
  • Research methodology for both clinical and basic science
  • Diagnostic acumen and improvement of glaucoma management and treatment plans 

With the goal of enhancing the quality of resident education, our Glaucoma conference series enable us to advance our mission in quality patient care, teaching, and clinical research.

Glaucoma Conference Schedule 2018-19
Glaucoma Conference Schedule 2019-20

All UCLA physicians, residents, clinical and international fellows, and visiting physicians may attend. Scheduled on Wednesdays from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., the Glaucoma Conference Series are held in the BH Conference Room of the Jules Stein Eye Institute.