UCLA Sports Medicine Fellowship Alumni 

UCLA Sports Medicine is proud to have alumni in leadership positions across the country.  Below you will find a list of our fellowship alumni and their current institutions throughout the US.

UCLA Sports Medicine Fellowship Alumni - Where Are They Now?


Joseph Coppiano, M.D.University of Alabama at Birmingham


Julie Arends, M.D.                         Fresno State University
Bassil Aish, M.D.University of California, Irvine
Nelson Boland, M.D.University of California, Los Angeles
Phillip Cohen, M.D.University of California, Los Angeles
Andrew Concoff, M.D. St. Jude Medical Center
Brian Donohoe, M.D.University of California, Los Angeles
CJ Duffaut, M.D.University of California, Los Angeles
Scott Evans, M.D.San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center
Dena Florczyk, M.D.University of California, Los Angeles
Joshua Goldman, M.D., M.B.A.University of California, Los Angeles
Gary Green, M.D.Pacific Palisades Medical Group
Sally Harris, M.D.Palo Alto Medical Clinic
Nicolas Hatamiya, D.O.University of California, San Francisco
Amanda Honsvall Hoefler, M.D.University of California, Los Angeles
Brian Kim, M.D.University of California, Irvine
Andrea Kussman, M.D.Stanford University
Joseph Luftman, M.D.University of California, Los Angeles
Emily Miller, M.D.University of California, Los Angeles
Aurelia Nattiv, M.DUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Byron Patterson, M.D.Primary Care Sports Medicine, AMC
Sabrina Sawlani, D.O.University of California, Los Angeles
John Touhy, D.O.University of California, San Francisco
Henry Tsai, M.D.University of California, Irvine
Carlin Senter, M.D.University of California, San Francisco
Paul Stricker, M.DScripps Clinic
John Su, M.D.Kaiser Permanente
Daniel Vigil, M.D. University of California, Los Angeles
Natalie Voskanian, M.D.University of California, San Diego
Tracy Zaslow, M.D.Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


Brian Lancaster, M.DOrthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies
Todd Larson, M.D.Kaiser Permanente
Lauren Oberle, M.D.Frederico F. Pena Southwest Family Health Center
Richard Sisson, M.D.Kaiser Permanente


Brandon Mines, M.D.     Emory University / Georgia Tech
Altelisha Taylor, M.D.Morehouse University


Andrew Nichols, M.D.                  University of Hawaii


Robert Hosey, M.D.                     University of Kentucky


Emily Martin, M.D.                       Northwestern University


Jim Dunlap, M.D.                        Main General Medical Center


Sameer Dixit, M.D.                     Johns Hopkins University
Edward Kimlin, M.D. Memorial Hospital


Jeffrey Housner, M.D.                University of Michigan


Suzanne Hecht, M.D.             University of Minnesota


Christopher Fox, M.D.               University of Missouri-Kansas City
Aaron Gray, M.D.University of Missouri
Dennis Y. Wen, M.D.University of Missouri

New Jersey

David Frankel, M.D.                  Frankel Sports Medicine

New York

John DiFiori, M.D.                    Hospital for Special Surgery
Marci Goolsby, M.D.Hospital for Special Surgery
James Kinderknecht, M.D.Hospital for Special Surgery
David Wang, M.D.Hospital for Special Surgery

North Carolina

Bryan Smith, M.D.                   University of North Carolina


Amanda Weiss, M.D.              Case Western Reserve University


Sherilyn DeStefano, M.D.       Oregon Health and Science University


John McShane, M.D.McShane Sports Medicine

South Carolina

Tom Armsey, M.D.Midlands Orthopaedics


Clark Madsen, M.D.McKay Dee Hospital / Intermountain Healthcare
Dave Shaskey, M.D.University of Utah


Anish Patel, M.D., MBAVirginia Commonwealth


Ryan Baker, M.D.Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center
Kate Fahy, M.D.University of Washington
Monique Burton, M.D.Seattle Children’s Hospital
Celeste Quitiquit, M.D.Seattle Children’s Hospital
Edward Reisman, M.D.University of Washington


Katie Miller, M.D.University of Wisconsin Medical Center